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Been a while...

It's been a while since I've been on reverb, I have caught up on all of my messages and comments! Thank you all for your support! You rock! Stay tuned for new tunes headed your way next month!!

Xxo hN

*Sunday Morning Writing*

We're just two rebels in love and on the run...


I just want to say thank you too all of you beautiful people who have left me such lovely, kind comments and messages--- although it is hard for me to respond to everyone- I want y'all to know I do read them and thank y'all so much for your boosts of encouragement--- it helps me so much to know people are listening and enjoying what they hear! I'm just here writing songs and doing what I love most! I'll keep writing, and I hope y'all keep enjoying! Xxo Hope

July Updates!

I’m very excited to soon announce some new tour dates! Also will be updating the site soon, so stay tuned on new pics and cool stuff! Mean time… I’ll be drinking my coffee and making some music on this rainy day. Xxo Hope

CMA Fest 2012

A huge huge huge thank YOU to all of you pretty, handsome, amazing people that came out to my shows this week! Your support means the world to me! I cannot thank y'all enough! Xxxxxo Hope

Just because...

Hey pretties, sooo I am sitting on my couch picking on my guitar and watching E news at the same time... while thinking about making some no bake cookies. :) I know, I deserve an award for multi tasking :) SO I decided this would be a good time for me to throw out some random facts about myself, because I love reading random facts about people in my spare time... and am hoping I'm not the only human who finds entertainment out of this activity, but instead of throwing out a ton of stuff at the same time I decided to make it a weekly event where I list 5 facts about myself or things I learned about myself throughout the past week... sooooo here it is.

1.I have just finished the Hunger Games series, and now understand what people are talking about when they say the books are addictive. I did not want them to end! 2.I got a pedi today and just like every other pedi, I find myself wondering why they take more time scrubbing your leg (which actually sort of hurts) rather than scrub your foot, since that is the point of a pedi. If you have the answer to this please do tell. 3.I am addicted to spray tans and Dark Chocolate almond cookies from Trader Joes. 4. I spent an hour one morning this week randomly watching how the movie "Titanic" was made. I realize this is weird, but it was actually quite interesting. 5. This is the first week in a very long time that I have not called my mom at least twice a day for no apparent reason. I don't know if I like this... therefore I will probably re-start the old habit. :)

There ya go... hope you enjoyed. Xxo Hope


Hello pretties... been writing, writing, and writing. New song I wrote in about an hour cuz' I refused to put down my guitar until it was done. It's called "Blame," and no it's probably not what you think. It's a song about not wanting to fall in love, not because you aren't optimistic about love and what it holds, but simply because you just aren't in a place where you want to have someone. You just need a moment to be alone, (which isn't always a bad thing). Everyone knows though, when you are least expecting love it comes and kisses you right on the lips... and that is what this song is about. Falling in love when you least expect it, and the guy that was so charming you simply couldn't say no...well he's the one to "blame." Here is some of the song...

Verse One: I can recall that from my memory Every second, of every minute I was tryin' so hard to keep my distance But you, you were pretty persistent You're stubborn mind was set And you weren't given up Til' we were leavin' hand in hand

Chorus: Shame, shame on your sweet kiss Shame on your perfect eyes For pulling in I didn't wanna fall Put my heart at stake But I guess that's what happened And you're the one to BLAME...

XxO 3 Hope