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Track List for Redemption

Finally after much long wait Risk On Da Disk will be releasing their new album, "Redemption" on October 15th 2013. Track Listing: 1. Did I Do That 2. The Light 3. Daydreamer 4. Git Up Out Of My Way 5. Don't Let Me Down 6. Ridin' On 22's 7. Been There 8. Harvest Season 9. If We Make It 10. Redemption .Please everyone show all the support you can to keep us doing our thang.


Alwaysgoodmusic.com a website and podcast for good music has a nice writeup about our track "Harvest Season" and includes it with another artist, Rudderhead Lounge. Big ups to Nathan for playing or track, do listen.


or on the iTunes podcast: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/always-good-music/id514132621

Bugcast: 208

Hello everybody some good friends across the Atlantic, have place Risk on Da Disk on their weekly podcast. I had a great time being involved with them, big ups Dave Lee. A great podcast out of the U.K., have a listen! http://www.thebugcast.org/2012/04/28/the-bugcast-208-kevie-is-on-the-bar-tonight/

Bugcast 208: Kevie Is on the bar Tonight April 28, 2012 1. Absent Feet – Poor Joe – from Rome, Italy 2. Justin Levinson & The Valcours – Water Wears The Rock – from Burlington, Vermont 3. R.I.S.K. On Da Disk – Harvest Season – from Tulsa, OK 4. House of the Old Boat – Piccadily – from London, UK 5. Toni Spearman – Big Boss Man 6. Moving Magnets – Bonnie and Clyde – from Carlisle, UK 7. Radio Star – A Common Tale – from Melbourne, AU 8. Mate – Ellen – from Trier, Germany

Skycast Indies Radio Show

Im a little late to post this but last week some good friends at Skycast Indies Radio show played our song Harvest Season during their show, so big thank guys. http://skycast.podomatic.com/entry/2012-04-21T21_46_36-07_00

Skycast Indies Radio Show La Center, WA Sun Apr 22 2012 6:00p

With Paul Robert Thomas, FRITZ, FAFNIRROCKSON, Alien Skin, Black Angel Band, Pete Berwick, Marco Maenza, Smooth Down Under, Di Lee, L PERRY, T Dawn, Julie Day and Associates, Ron Rutherford, Risk on Da Disk, Exqwizite, Evil Eye Gypsy, Shadow Government Conspiracy (SGC), Ruhr Chill Factory, Serious-Music Germany, LarryRCampbell, Tsai-yun Huang, Hayley Oliver, and tommie brewster

Web Radio Nol

On April 12, 2012 Web Radio Nol said: We are happy to present Risk On Da Disk to be featured artist of this week here in www.webradionol.se Sweden. Thanks to PaddetheBuddha and web radio nol for featuring us.

Cox Music Show (39)

Thanks to our friend Allen Cox, we have been featured on his podcast, The Cox Music Show. Episode 39 features the song you all should know by now "Harvest Season" plus a few other songs by some great artists. Enjoy! http://coxrecords.podomatic.com/player/web/2012-04-12T16_56_41-07_00

Cox Music Show (39) April 12-26 2012 Post Time 8 PM EST USA

Hosted by Allen Cox. Produced by Karen Able. Bi-weekly Multi-Genre Indie Music Program.

AAGSC Network Atomic Sound and Visions Facebook Blogger

PROGRAM::::: 1. Pretty Corpses-Alligator Sister 2. Pierre Opperman-Runaway 3. Jacqueline Lovely-Unchained 4. R.I.S.K. On Da Disk - Harvest Season 5. Mr. Gilmore-All Things Considered 6. Fritz-Don't Be Sad 7. Kimmy B Shade-Nothing More To Say 8. Ruhr Chill Factory-Sneakers 9. Allen Cox-Signal Jam 10. Reptoids-Fire In The Hole 11. T Dawn-Controlled By Vanity 12. T Dawn-Crash Down

© Copyright 2012 Cox Music Productions. All Rights Reserved for Private Enjoyment.

Michael Angel's Cosmic Grab Bag Podcast

Happy Easter everyone, We have a podcast for you to listen to that features 2 R.I.S.K. songs, big ups to Michael Angel http://michaelangel.podomatic.com/ Episode 358 1.All Alone by R.I.S.K On Da Disk (http://www.reverbnation.com/riskondadisk) 2.The Easter Song by Paul and Storm (http://www.paulandstorm.com/) 3.Right Here - Right Now by ROCCO (http://www.rocco-rock.com/) 4.Streams of Whiskey by Doug Folkins (http://www.dougfolkins.com/) 5.Vantastic Eastern Canadian Road Trip Blues by The Superfantastics (http://www.thesuperfantastics.com/) 6.Book of Secrets by Jennifer Avalon (http://jenniferavalon.net/) 7.Fates Reach by Trip Effect (http://www.reverbnation.com/TripEffect) 8.Easter In Snowshill by William Smith (http://www.williamsmithmusic.com/) 9.Lost in Dreams by Fools Chaos (http://soundcloud.com/fools-chaos) 10.When I Call by The Homewreckers (https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Homewreckers/144792473552) 11.I Think About You by Corey Koehler (http://planetcorey.com/) 12.Fam by R.I.S.K. On Da Disk

Also check out Episode 356 featuring the lead single off the album "Chances and Consequences": "Harvest Season" http://michaelangel.podomatic.com/player/web/2012-03-31T12_26_01-07_00

Cyphreinc Podcast #024

Hey everyone we have been placed on a podcast that you can listen to by going to the link below.


Cyphreinc Podcast #024 Released Tuesday 13th December 2011 1.Turtle Giant – Taking The Heat 2.Shooting Stansfield – Cameras and Lights 3.JC Porter – Truck 4.Risk On Da Disk – Donchaknow 5.Pink Side of The Moon – Lost In Space 6.Wrecked – Remember Me 7.May McDonough & Company – Church On Sunday 8.The Robin Pierce Band – Wray & Nephew 9.Laura Distasi – Humming Along 10.Crawley – Maybe 11.Healthy Junkies – Manifesto 12.The Dirty Pearls – New York City Is A Drug 13.Trelleborg – From The Seas

Chances and Consequences Track Listing

R.I.S.K. On Da Disk Chances and Consequences

1.What You Deserve 2.All Alone 3.Mysteries of the Unseen 4.Donchaknow 5.Comfortably Numb 6.Spores 7.Dreams 8.Harvest Season 9.Memories 10.Open Your Eyes 11.Change 12.Fam