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Added Song " Nobody Understands "

Share my latest song & Video of "Nobody Understands" (6 Strings On My Finger Tips) It's a Blues R&B Tune about the LOVE I have for songwritting on my guitar ..Would like to hear your comments, Peace == JC

We Have 2 New Video's

Just finished "Yesurdazed" and "Devil's Breath" Video's NOW can be viewed on Forgotten Signal's Music Page ....Peace ==== JC

Gee I'm Horney

This the name of my latest creation .. "Gee I'm Horney" .. going into studio soon to put the full on touches for the song .. You can listen to the solo version here .. Peace my brothers & sisters .. Keep music Hump'In ... === JC


Check new song clip featuring JC on Yesturdays......

Beware Just Sayin Hello

New songs Beware,Just Sayin and Hello U

Just you ( All Of YOU)

We just cut more new songs and more on the way... Just You (All Of You) and Beware of the Devil Too.. Peace from the Forgotten Signal Airways !!!!

"Beware and Lonely Road"

Check out New Singles "Beware and Lonely Road" , Peace.

Hello U

I wrote "Hello U" on right hand guitar upside down (I play a left hand guitar) I had a bad accident in 2004 so had to learn left hand guitar about 9 mos ago. Only have use of my thumb and fore finger on the left hand and cut 3 finger inhalf on my right but with hand work on the guitar and many blisters poppin' I'm getting better for my song writting played left hand Taylor on Driftin' Dream 2. I'm still here and ReverbNation ,Music and all you Musical Artists Inspire me to keep working...... THANKS ,,,,,,, JC Steele I'm Blessed !!!!

Studio Sessions

Just wanted to Thank all our Fans For your support without you WE WOULD BE NOTHING,,,,, Thank YOU !!!!!