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merch store

LIVE IN PREQUIL has the brand new merch store open for sales!! there will be NEW material uploaded almost every day and we hope you all take part in the sale's!!! you can pre-order straight off of here if anyone is wondering about why the image's look lopsided is not our fault but the computers bullshit problems, the images will be straight when you recieve the material. buy some merch rep that shit and get us out towards your ass's so we can rock your state lets roll!!!

club envy october 11th

we would love to thank every single person who came out to club envy and rock there socks off with us wether it be the bands, the club owners or the friends and fans we appriciate all the upport so xcited to keep pushing forward and hope we can all stay on the same page together!!

support the new album

we would like to know how many people are stoked for our first album were bustin ass's all over this state to make the best sounding record for you beautiful people!!