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Hometown: Mumbai, IN

Label: Heavyocity Records/ Century Media Distribution

Management: Zygnema

Website: www.new.facebook.com

Sounds Like: old Sepultura, Pantera, Meshuggah, Soulfly, Decapitated

Genre: Metal

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Zygnema has always been one of the most brutal Groove Thrash Metal Live Act to come out of Mumbai. - indianrockmp3.com

Groove/thrash metal revivalists Zygnema have scooped up a bunch of awards in recent times with their thoroughly headbangable music and dynamic stage act. - Rolling Stone India

Zygnema is a Mumbai based heavy/thrash groove metal band that mainly focuses on the social/political “fuck-ups” and loves to dig deep down on riffs that are heavy and groove oriented.

Formed in August 2005, Zygnema is particularly known for their immensely energetic and aggressive live performances. With a list of versatile compositions from their debut album "Born of Unity", the band has been on a rampage, ripping every stage they step on.

Zygnema has been featured on VH1 to nominate the names of various artists for Grammy awards in 2007 - ROLLING STONE magazine December 2009 edition in the ARTIST MUST WATCH Section - Metal Hammer March 2010 (UK edition) and MTV for various reasons.

"We are an intense crash of reality on your fragile face that will make you grind your teeth and contemplate" - Zygnema.


“Watching Zygnema on Inferno 2013's at John Dee brought home two unassailable truths: One that modern metal from South Asia is fierce, polished and imbibed with an earthy mixture of groove, technicality and precision that separates it from the rawer forms of extreme metal practiced on the European subcontinent;& two, that these South Asian purveyors of mayhem preach a positive & unifying message, one that exhorts us to cease classification into niche genres & embrace the global power of the extreme metal movement.”
Vivek Venkatesh, PhD -Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies Assistant Prof

"Zygnema took away the award for Best Band and Best Song at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards in 2011, and the band enjoys the kind of cult-like following across in the scene that not many indie metal bands can lay claim to"
NH7-Indecision - NH7-Indecision

“Zygnema has this amazing connect with the audience when they play live. They have the audience eating out of their hands - totally in thrall. If the band commands them to invade the town believe me they will, but after their set!”
Nitin Rajan -General Manager(Radio City)

“ZYGNEMA- Indian Metal at its best”
Farhad Wadia -Founder of Independence Rock & CEO (Network 18 online)

“Zygnema. High class Extrem-Metal turning from being exotic into a possible winner nobody had on the bill prior to the competition”
Metal Hammer Magazine - Metal Hammer - Germany

"No bullshit type drumming.Intricate drumming with awesome kick and snare patterns."
Tomas Haake (Meshuggah)

" For me they were in any case a clear contender for the top three places at the "Metal Battle". In celebration Zygnema are way far ahead here, of which I could convince myself personally"
Marc Schallmeier, Stephan Mertens, Eva Bock - My Revelations - Germany

"Zygnema's stage presence live is undeniably full of energy and heavy grooves.Think Meshuggah mating with Pantera..the result is Zygnema."
Barney Riberio (Nervecell)

"Zygnema is an action packed thrill ride , an edge of your seat thriller."
Greg Harrison (Guitarist-PDP/ Guitar Instructor-Musicians Institute)

“My iTunes is probably the most ignorant one of all times. But there is Zygnema and Metallica. And not much more. Sharing the stage with these guys made me proud. They switch on the Zygnema button and the magic is right there”
Timo Wenner - Nutallica - Guitarist

"Every Zygnema member has his own identity on the album, but since the genre here is groove the drummer has a tougher task and that deserves a mention for a job well done"
Absurd History word-press

“Zygnema wins Best Band and Best Song (Popular choice) at The Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2011”
The RollingStone Magzine - The RollingStone Magzine

“Groove/thrash metal revivalists Zygnema have scooped up a bunch of awards in recent times with their thoroughly headbangable music and dynamic stage act.”
The Rolling Stone Magzine

"Young Lamb of God of India with awesome grooves of Pantera."
MetalHammer (UK-2010 Edition)

“Order your Copy of the Debut Album "BORN OF UNITY"”
Bajaao - Bajaao.com