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Hometown: Dallas, TX

Label: DSN Music, Pure Steel Records

Website: www.facebook.com

Sounds Like: Iron Maiden, ManOwaR Fun Club, Metallica

Genre: Metal

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Omen was formed in Los Angeles by Kenny Powell in 1983, among the forefathers of power metal Omen is well known for their classic metal sound that paved the way for many bands to follow. Classic, galloping heavy metal. If ever there was an album the epitomized 1980's traditional American heavy metal, "Battle Cry" would be it. "The Axeman" will forever remain one of the staples of American heavy metal. Early Omen was often compared with Iron Maiden, and indeed the two bands do share some similarities in style.Where Omen seems to differ from the run of the mill metal band is the well developed guitar riffs. At some points the guitar playing could almost be considered early thrash metal. Omen are just good, quality, heavy metal.


“The best metal band in the world in my opinion. We need more metal bands today like Omen. ”
heavy metal review

“One of the biggest highlights for me myself were the legends of Omen, considering both concerts and interviews.they gave Metal Merchants a worthy end." ”
Helle Staklov - Radio Revolt

“things got hot as hell to the hearing of tunes like "Teeth Of The Hydra", "Death Rider", "The Axeman" and "The Curse". The sound was quite fitting for the existing standards and Kenny’s guitar seemed - at times - to be the guiding whip for most of the fans to go crazy. A rich encore featuring”
Metal Temple

“Gino Alache of RockumRadio.com conducted an interview with Kenny Powell, founding guitarist of the American heavy metal band OMEN, on July 29, 2009 in Lima, Peru. Watch the chat in two parts below. ”

“Warning of Danger Rated 5/5 (100%) 12345”
Michel Renaud - Metal crypt

“If you haven't heard Omen or their Battle Cry yet, you have a unique opportunity to revisit the 80s in all its glory – take it! ... ”
Encyclopedia metallium