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Hometown: Nashville, TN

Label: None

Management: Darling Parade

Website: www.myspace.com

Sounds Like: Paramore, Hey Monday, Versa Emerge, Automatic Loveletter, P!nk

Genre: Rock

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Darling Parade: The Biography

Darling Parade is a female fronted Rock/Pop band from Nashville, TN. Their first EP solidified their place in the music industry by landing TV Placements with Showtime, ABC, The CW, and The SyFy Channel. The Latest EP “Until We Say It’s Over,” brought that point home by grabbing #8 on Billboard’s “Next Big Sound” chart the week of it’s release. The music video for "Never Wrong" makes frequent rotations on The Cool TV, and MTV. This Nashville based group has one simple statement: Give it everything you have and leave with no regrets. Whether it’s driving 26 hours straight to make it just in time for a festival, or practicing in storage units before the big shows, they’ve done just that.


Darling Parade has released 3 EP’s in a very short amount of time. All of Darling Parade’s EPs have been produced by Jon King (Augustana, Throwing Gravity, Kate Linne’) at Page 2 Music. Their first self-titled EP yielded 2 songs (Far Away, and Lose You) that grabbed 6 different TV placements. The second “What You Want EP” produced a track (Perfectly Worthless) that has been downloaded for free over 20,000 times. The latest EP entitled “Until We Say It’s Over” has already broken sales numbers of all other EP’s combined, and snatched a Billboard Chart as well. The EP also features guest vocals from Stephen Christian, lead singer of the Universal Republic group Anberlin. All EP’s are currently available online through iTunes and Amazon.


The members are Kristin Kearns, Casey Conrad, and Nate McCoy. The three members came from Southern Illinois and Memphis, Tennessee to put together what they call Pop/Rock or jokingly call "PopCore." You can follow them at @kristin_kearns @nateparade & @caseyparade22


“A powerhouse Rock/Pop group on the rise.”

“The Mona Lisa of MySpace bands”
Moxie & Mayhem

“Three guys, one stunning female up front and catchy pop rock songs.”