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Hometown: Reynosa, TAM, MX

Label: Razorback Recordings

Genre: Metal

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Gutwrench is... Like returning to '88 - '89 making Death Metal, the way that was conceived, the same for the recording and production, Gutwrench is a portal to the past: '88 - '89, to be more precise. Gutwrench is not pretentious, does not try to make an impression to anybody with virtuosity rudeness, no... Gutwrench is not retro! since proudly we lived and witnessed the birth and development of Death Metal, Gutwrench simply is... nostalgia of a better time gone in the underground, more honest than the present, full of pose and false attitudes.

The domain of the undead looms over the ungodly north of Mexico...
and its name is GUTWRENCH, evoking ghastly and putrid sounds like those that was hurled by the old corpses exhumed from their timeless graves.

As a trio the band recorded the debut demo "DOMAIN OF PURE PUTRESCENCE" in 2011 with the original lineup: CADAVEROUS, MORTUORIA & CORPUUS MORTUS.
In feb 2012, MORTUORIA left the band for good, then the band became a 4 piece lineup with the addition of Carlos Amaya A.K.A. WALKING CORPSE (Bass) and Tomas Pecina A.K.A. DEFLESHED (Drums).
Gutwrench's debut full length album "MAUSOLEUM ...TO DWELL & ROT IN"out now on RAZORBACK RECORDS.


“Death Doom de excelente manufactura, un verdadero respiro resulta ser “Domain of Pure Putrescence”. Un demo con dos cortes (“Beyond the Hills of Maggotville” y “Domain of Pure Putrescence”), un intro (“When the Undead Devours…”) y un outro (“Not Even the Dead Ones”), que nos hace regresar el tiempo, cuando la escena del death metal aún no estaba contaminada por las absurdas competencias de saber quién es más rápido o más malo. Lo que encontramos aquí, es música oscura, casi fúnebre, con riffs lentos que asemejan a un cuchillo entrando en la carne de un infame, y que va cortando lentamente los tejidos hasta causar su muerte. El concepto completo de GUTWRENCH –letras, música, logotipo y portada- encierra la verdadera esencia del DEATH METAL. Y eso en verdad que es de agradecer hoy en día.”
Sergio Trevino - El Ataud Del Muerto Blog

“Gutwrench is definitely an old-school band playing minimalist Doom Death Metal, the one that makes you remember the best horror flick you saw lately. I'll start with what I don't like on this one: the length would be the first as 10 minutes are not enough, then the drum-machine is very annoying, and ending with the very simplist compositions, very primitive and lacking originality big time. The pros for this demo CD would be the sick but still comprehensive cavernous vocals, the totally devoted image and absolutely nightmareish atmospheres they create, and the balls to release something and show it to the world although they were not 100% prepared for it. If they work a bit more on compositions and have a better drumming part on the next release we might see a new rising star in the old-school Doom Death scene.”
Adrian - Pest Webzine

“El estilo que nos compete esta vez es lento, denso y oscuro, Death Doom del de a deberas, pesimista y con una gran peste a carne putrefacta, el disquin nos recibe con la infaltable intro sacada del interior de una tumba para dar comienzo a riffs a velocidad de marcha fúnebre, con una voz super gruesa y cavernosa que en ocasiones me recuerda al Chris Barnes en sus buenos tiempos, no se, imaginen al Incantation mas lento o al Asphyx mas Doomie...”
Juan Angel Hdz - Militia 'zine

“Excelente banda desde Mexico... Quede pasmado con este viejo Metal de muerte de riffs pesados y funebres, ejecutados con verdadero feeling de viejas bandas Doom Death metal de la epoca de 90's, gran produccion que se espera dara de que hablar ya comenzando este 2012 ... recomendado 100 % para los amantes del buen Death Metal de funeral corte!!!!!”
Raphael Rivera - Aquelarre 'zine

Tony Juarez - Reborn From Ashes 'zine

“Gutwrench at Bandcamp,com”
Cadaverous - GUTWRENCH