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Hometown: Burbank, CA

Label: Suburban Noize Records

Website: www.jeffreynothing.com

Genre: Rock

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For more than a decade Jeffrey Nothing has been the haunting voice behind Cleveland's pioneering alterna-metal collective Mushroomhead. His distinctive vocals have driven Mushroomheads frightening extreme performance style, which has garnered them an enormously devoted cult following and allowed them to sell more than one million albums worldwide. Now Jeffrey Nothing is ready to open the door and reveal the skeletons buried beneath the floorboards with the release of his debut solo album, “The New Psychodalia”, on October 11th, 2011.

“I always knew I wanted to do a solo project, but we just never found the perfect situation before now,” commented Jeffrey Nothing. “This just feels like it was meant to be. Everyone is very receptive to what we’re trying to do here. I feel it’s a sort of Sepultura meets Alice in Chains, meets Acid Bath. This feels new and very different. The response so far of the fans I’ve played it for is fantastic and I hope the fans that haven't heard it yet, feel the same. Ever since I first heard 'Burial', this is the most fun I’ve had recording in a long time, and hopefully it will continue when we start touring behind the album.

“Nothing is a completely different animal from Mushroomhead,” commented Jeffrey Nothing. “Obviously there are elements of Mushroomhead on this record and Skinny is the drummer on the record, but artistically this is quantum leap for me. There are songs on this album like 'Psychodalia' that sounds like 'Superbuick' era' Mushroomhead and then there are tracks like Time or 'Deathbed Masquerade' that are different from anything I’ve ever done before.”

Due to Mushroomheads hectic recording and touring schedule, “The New Psychodalia” was written over a four year period and Jeffrey Nothing is now finally ready to give fans a glimpse of his twisted psyche. Produced by Mushroomhead drummer Steve “Skinny” Felton, “The New Psychodalia” is a tormented soundscape that shakes listeners to the core with hypnotic rhythmic grooves, punishing riffs, and Jeffrey Nothing's beautifully deranged lyrics.

“The whole album is about escaping reality. People choose a variety of ways to feel better in the face of the depression that can be caused by trying to survive in a world that can seem completely uncaring and smothering,” commented Nothing about the album. “‘The New Psychodalia’ is like a new safe hallucinogenic that makes all the ugliness in the world beautiful, with no harmful side effects. The entire album is kind of like a twisted, thought provoking view of the truths. It exposes the lies of the American dream that has really become more of a nightmare.”

The album’s release also brings about new beginnings for Jeffrey Nothing, as it will be the first release in a new partnership with California based Suburban Noize Records and Mushroomheads own Filthy Hands imprint.

“We started this project releasing demo songs we had online and the fans instantly began asking where they could buy the album. When we were ready to finally get this album out, our manager began testing the water by playing the record for some industry reps. After they heard the album, labels immediately started showing interest, including Suburban Noize Records,” remembers Nothing. “Mushroomhead had already done a couple tours with (Hed)p.e. and I think Suburban Noize really helped re-establish them and introduce them to a whole new audience. They are a label built with a crossover appeal, and their roster of artists mix all genres. After our initial meetings with the label it was clear they were an artist driven label where creativity is embraced. Signing with them was the obvious choice for this project.”

Jeffrey Nothing's haunting vocals, along with his frightening extreme performance style has helped Mushroomhead earn a fanatical following of fans across the globe. Now with the release of his first solo album, Jeffrey Nothing has left the shadows for the spotlight and just because he's stepping into the light don't think for 1 second, that you're safe.


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