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Hometown: Oslo, NO

Label: Prosthetic Records

Website: www.twitter.com

Sounds Like: Quicksand, The Afghan Whigs, Leatherface, Planes Mistaken for Stars, Hot Water Music--Official

Genre: Rock

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WOLVES LIKE US are without a doubt one of the most exciting bands of the moment at the forefront of the burgeoning Oslo music scene. Although barely a year old they have already established themselves on the live circuit with a showcase at last year’s legendary OYA Festival and recent touring with Kvelertak, Gallows, Purified In Blood and Blood Command. Extensive domestic radio play followed off the back of a stunning demo and debut 7” vinyl.

With ex-members from such notable Norwegian acts as Amulet, Infidels Forever, JR Ewing and Silver, WOLVES LIKE US are no strangers to dedicated hard work. Drawing influence from artists such as Planes Mistaken For Stars, Hot Snakes / Drive Like Jehu, Hot Water Music and the Afghan Whigs, the mission is clear: Wolves Like Us are here to make the urgent, powerful new music that they love.

WOLVES LIKE US signed with Prosthetic Records at the start of 2011 and immediately began recording ‘Late Love’ in Oslo with Ruben Willem (Haust / Caliban Studios). Mastering was handled by studio maestro Dave Collins (Soundgarden, Jane’s Addiction) and acclaimed illustrator Justin Bartlett (Sunn 0))), Kvelertak, Anti-Sweden Jeans) beautifully crafted the artwork and layout for the cd and vinyl release.

WOLVES LIKE US already have an incredibly busy Summer and Autumn – they focus on three weeks of pre-release dates across Norway then embark upon a European tour in July with reformed San Diego hardcore legends, Swing Kids. WOLVES LIKE US also play the main stage at this year’s OYA Festival in Norway before heading back out on a high profile second European tour into the Autumn.


“Debut LP "Late Love" from Oslo's Wolves Like Us was a scalding spurt of righteous fury that nestled very nicely within the bosom of post-hardcore fuelled Alt-Rock theatre. (...) Its follow up "Black Soul Choir" is not only one of the best album titles we’ve heard so far this year, it should see them vaulting swiftly over the backs of their contemporaries to the front of the scrum. (Rating 9/10)”
Steve Fletcher - Headwarmer

“Black Soul Choir is a dynamic rock album that shivers and shakes with infectious beats and groove. (...) This album is a statement and will have you banging your head. (Rating 5/5)”
Sebastian Mackay - Substream Magazine

“A maelstrom of gritty, soulful songcraft and stylistic exploration, "Black Soul Choir" sees Wolves Like Us on the form of their lives (...) A major step forward. (Rating 8/10)”
Rob Sayce - Rocksound Magazine

"Black Soul Choir" is a cleverly crafted album of heavy post-rock, with soaring choruses, intricate time sigatures and fine songwriting (...) A great record, by another unique band, from a country forging a blossoming rock scene above the ashes of black metal. (BSC review - rating 8/10)
Miles Hackett - Big Cheese Magazine

“Black Soul Choir lived up to my expectations. It’s a fantastic album from a band who hopefully have a long, incredible career ahead of them. (Rating 4.5/5)”
Jonathan Barkan - Bloody Disgusting

“An eight minute barrage of heaviness and I couldn’t ask for more. From the opening moments of the track, the vicious, mystical riffing and beautifully crafted clean vocals really embrace the listener and lulls you into a stupor with its brilliance. One would think that with a song of this length, there would be small intervals of boring filler, but nay, there is no dull spots on “Get Gone.” ("Get Gone 10" review - Rating: A++)”
Ross Aftermath - americanaftermath.net

“This could be the beginning of something very special ("Late Love" review - Rating 4/5)”
Dan Slessor - Kerrang

“Hammer discovered Wolves Like Us via Gallows bassist Stu Gili Ross and we immediately fell in love. But think rather reined-in Kvelertak via Kyuss via Cult Of Luna: a massive slab of Nordic hard rock with as much heart as head. ("Late Love" review - Rating: 8/10)”
Gill - Metal Hammer UK

“Late Love is 40 minutes of grand, pounding, desert rock-influenced hardcore. It’s good. It’s very, very good. (Late Love review - Rating 5.5/6)”
Danny Montana - Thrash Hits

"Late Love" have set the bar very high for each release that is to come from Wolves Like Us. Infectious, beautiful, aggressive and intense, you owe it to yourself to give this a very serious shot.
Jonny B. - Bloody Disgusting

“Late Love is an incredible, confident debut. Wolves Like Us are a band you need to show some love. (Late Love review - Rating 5/6)”
Ian Chaddock - Big Cheese Magazine

“‘Late Love’ might be a strange duck in the Prosthetic pond soundwise, but in their own way they are more than equals to labelmates Trap Them, Gojira, or Withered. Fans of the old emo and bands like Fugazi and Quicksand or above mentioned acts will surely embrace the record. I for one haven’t spun an album this much since Planes Mistaken For Stars' "Mercy". (Rating: 90/100)”
Jasper - Lords of Metal

“I had no idea who this band Wolves Like Us were until I got some press release about them this afternoon. But man, am I glad I know who they are. They sorta reminded me of Helmet or Fugazi meets Refused with a dash of At The Drive-In, if that makes any sense. Check these dudes out. I like what they’re doing. A lot.”
Chris Harris - Gun Shy Assassin