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Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

Website: www.facebook.com

Genre: Rock

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I am 29 years old, I am an average/above average guitarist. I have played in 4 bands Addnerim, Bogus Green, Cosmic Trigger and Vanillaface Jones. My dream is to record and play music on as large of a scale as possible while maintaining as much musical integrity as possible. My influences include David Gilmour, Eric Johnson, John Mclaughlin and Bill Pohl to name a few. I started playing guitar in 1989 when I was 7. My first guitar was a crappy sears and roebuck 3/4 acoustic with awful action. My brother Dan taught me Black Sabbath and metallica songs. When I was 11 my stepdad gave me a 1979 Gretch bst1000 and I got into Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai. By the time I was 12 my younger brother Dustin started playing bass. We have been playing together ever since. In 2002 we formed Addnerim and have played all over Texas as well as New Mexico, Nevada and Oklahoma. We won the 2007 artist of the year award from Fort Worth Weekly magazine. I now take lessons from Bill Pohl from Underground Railroad. Here is a break down of my bands. Addnerim (somewhere between rush and tool). Cosmic Trigger (The Sword meets Black Sabbath and Deep Purple). Please come see me sometime or be my friend on facebook. Come say hi. I am very approachable and very rarely refuse a free drink.


“On Sheep Amidst the Wolves, the band’s new three-song e.p., the deadly seriousness of the lyrics is ably matched by the deadly seriousness of the musicianship.Addnerim isn’t afraid to mix up time signatures, hop from cool groove to cool groove, and do that start-stop-start-stop thing that a lot of other, equally muscular metal bands overuse.”Addnerim also isn’t afraid to let Choat go off. Arpeggios flutter from my man’s ax like the flight of several dozen bumblebees, and he keeps the cocksure posturing to a mature minimum. His licks are mostly tasteful.The largely instrumental 10-minute-plus epic “Astronomy” is the track that gives him the most room to explore. He takes a few interesting detours and finds: a baritone open-E chord that rumbles like Satan’s hungry belly, Joe Satriani’s laser gun, and thick, oily, gnarly Black Sabbath riffage. The disparate parts all somehow manage to coalesce into a distinct whole. Long story short: Choat is a bad-ass.”
ANTHONY MARIANI - fort worth weekly magazines review of Addnerim's first album