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Hometown: Waldorf, MD

Label: Standby Records, Standby Records

Management: Bobby Latessa

Website: www.myspace.com

Genre: Rock

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“We think the title of the album relates directly to our music.” Guitarist Antonio Rucci commented on the title of their new album, Like Gum in Your Hair. “Just like gum in your hair, we like to think our songs get stuck in your head and you just can’t get them out.” Catchy and infectious, Count Your Blessings from Maryland have written a diverse record, piled with genre bursting songs, each one a new and inspiring view on what the band has to offer. “We're trying to bridge the gap between our hardcore and metal influences and our pop influences, while including some 80s spice. Each song is different from the last.” Rucci continued.

“Our music is extremely driven and is entirely based off of personal experiences.” Drummer Kenny Smith spoke. “Our album is just the truth about who we are, honest and straight from the heart.” Count Your Blessings found themselves a home at Standby Records through hard work and dedication. Smith explains, “We decided to follow the Warped Tour to get our name out. We took thousands of cds and flyers with us and just made our lives all about getting out there. Every day we would park and travel with the buses, hit the lines, split up in teams, and just push our album as hard as we could.”
Through just the east coast dates and some of the midwest alone, Count Your Blessings ended up selling over 4,000 copies of our EP. The band took the EP they pushed themselves and added several new songs to make Like Gum in Your Hair, which they recorded with Paul Levitt .
Count Your Blessings won Ernie Ball’s Battle of the bands in 2008, earning themselves a spot on dates for The Taste of Chaos Tour, they’ve played dates on Warped Tour, and shared the stage with the likes of Mayday Parade, All Time Low, and Good Charlotte, among countless others. The band has since been on the road non-stop touring.