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Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Website: www.PeterLitvinMusic.com

Genre: Rock

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Born and raised in the northern suburbs of Detroit Michigan, Peter Litvin‘s adolescence came with all the trappings of your typical aspiring musician. High school bands, drug exploration, ventures into new musical territory, a CD collection that grew exponentially, and a series of meager day jobs that financed the whole trip. At twenty-three Peter uprooted from his humble surroundings and left for the Big Apple.

With his extensive experience and passion, matched by a relentless work ethic, Peter built a successful business in the music industry. In just two years time Revolution Studios (operated solely by Peter) has become one of the most trafficed boutique recording studios in New York City. Serving an eclectic cliental, Peter records, mixes, engineers, produces and even collaborates on a myriad of productions.

Pete‘s life away from music is an intersection of fleeting obsessions. In a given year he might become a master chess player, learn twenty-five minutes worth of magic, read thirty books, and even decide to take up Chinese - all with enough time left over to conceive, write and record some kick-ass material. His exponential musical prowess and undying love for his pet lizard Jammy met last year to inspire Peter‘s latest work, "Love Spectacle". A twelve track, genre bending, tour de force, now available on iTunes, Amazon and all other major online music retailers. Peter is calling his this one his "most important work to date".

He has vowed to make "twenty albums before I die". With the bar set very high by previous work (Corpse Smoke, Gypsy Kiss) Pete has a lot to live up to. But if "Love Spectacle" is any indication, Pete can live up to the challenge, and then some. Luckily for us he has already started writing and recording a new album, "School". Bands like Talking Heads and Devo proved that dance music could be artistic, Peter proved that it could also be intelligent. And twenty years later music can still be fun, despite what‘s on the radio.


“The latest edition to the prolific catalogue of cult music legend Peter Litvin (Corpse Smoke, Gypsy Kiss) has finally arrived. The ‘album as a piece of art’ mentality may be going the way of the buffalo but apparently Pete never got the memo. The twelve tracks on “Love Spectacle” culminate in one cohesive, epic picture of love, life and sonic adventure. The result of an experienced ear and a knack for exploration, “Love Spectacle” stands as thedefinition of genre bending. It is an alt rock, 90s fused, old-time country, electro, 80s pop obelisk. Pete juggles these styles with fluidity too mature for a twenty-five year old. The blood, sweat and tears are all Peter’s but his supporting cast certainly helped along the way. Former band-mates Jesse Wozniak and Dan Ianitelli provided the visceral rhythm section and Grammy nominated producer Bob Ebeling (Eminem, Kid Rock, Phish, Rufus Wainright) stirred the ingredients together with his mixing board.”
Greg Deliso - Munrovia Pictures