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Hometown: Ouagadougou, BF

Label: Seydoni Production

Management: Howard Tomlinson US and Danem Ousman Burkina Faso, Howard Tomlinson

Sounds Like: Dobet Gnahoré, Angélique Kidjo, Miriam Makeba, Salif Keita, Nina Simone

Genre: World

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Born in Burkina Faso(formerly Upper Volta)& grew up in Abidjan,Côte d'Ivoire, Mai Lingani is one of the most talented composers, lyricists, and performers in West Africa. She started singing during her late teens and Since 2001 She divides her time between New York City and Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. She studied at the National Art Institute in Côte d’Ivoire. Mai Lingani sings in tree different languages from Burkina Faso (Bissa,More and Dioula).
In 1998: she received the Grand Prix National de la Chansson moderne Burkinabè, the most important music award in her home country, Burkina Faso, in recognition of her talents as a composer and lyricist, and as a performer of her own works. In 2000 her first album was produce by the musicians Lukas Ligeti(AUSTRIA) in collaboration with Pyrolator Kurt Dahlke(GERMANY). From 2004 to 2014 Mai lingani has performed at some of the most highly acclaimed venues in the US,in Europe and in Africa such Festival international de Jazz de Montréal; Central Park Summerstage, Théâtre de Monte-Carlo; Theatro Bellini à Catania en Italie, The World Financial Center; at the festival Sauti ZaBusara in Zanzibar,in Tanzania and more.
She has also been highly lauded for her amazing live performances in the New York Times, The Daily News, New York Post, The Village voice & more. In jun 2014 She realized her second album solo called “MON TI” of 10 songs under the label of Seydoni Production (www.seydoni.com )
Once you experience her live, you will never be the same again. Mai Lingani, "A LEGEND MAKING".


“L’Association pour la promotion de l’éducation sexuelle et reproductive de la femme et de la jeune fille (APESRF), créée en 2011 et présidée par l’artiste musicienne Maï Lingani, est à l’initiative d’un festival dénommé Béog Biiga. L’objectif est de venir en aide aux enfants défavorisés. La première édition se tient du 14 au 16 février 2014.”
L'Actualité du Burkina 24h/24 - L'Actualité du Burkina 24h/24

“Le 29 novembre2014, elle était à l’Institut Français pour un concert live.Toujours souriante et très énergique, Maï LINGANI est connue pour sa grande souplesse sur scène et sa capacité à captiver et à dompter son public”
artist.bf - artist.bf

“Maï LINGANI a su progressivement et très habilement dompter son public avec des mots doux, compatissants et qui appellent à la solidarité.”
artist.bf - artist.bf

“Maï LINGANI, le sourire toujours bien affiché”
artist.bf - artist.bf

“Video du nouvel album de Maï Lingani – Coumbaya”
Seydoni - Seydoni

Rose Monde - Artiste BF

“En attendant la confirmation”
Zedcom - l'opinion

“lead vocalist Mai Lingani, who combines powerful pipes, wild moves, and an irresistibly joyous stage presence.”
AfroPop - AfroPop magazine

“Dans le registre de l'actualité culturelle, on inscrira la sortie du nouvel album de l'artiste musicien burkinabè Maï Lingani,”

“Merveilles abrégées de la nature ". Au Moyen Age, c'est ainsi qu'on appelait les dames au physique de Maï Lingani.”
Merneptah Noufou Zougmoré - L'Evenement

“Afrika Emotion, en partenariat avec le jardin de la musique Reemdoogo, organise un concert géant à l’honneur de « l’Américaine »”
RV Honla - L'observateur Paalga

“Bintou Un film de Fanta Régina Nacro Musique : Yacouba Compaoré, Maï Lingani”
Autour du 1er Mai - Autour du 1er Mai

“(Maï Lingani et Abdoulaye Kouanda)”
rfi decouverte - rfi

“Mai Lingani, a vocalist of irrepressible energy and unwavering self-assurance.”
JON PARELES - New York Times

“New York African Chorus Ensemble Kwanza Extravaganza Show in ...”
African Evens

“Burkina Electric fait « boum » - Festival de Jazz de Montréal .”
Julia Haurio - Touki Montreal

“La voix de Maï Lingani sonne pour le Burkina”
Alassane Kere - Sidwaya,Le faso.net

“Maï Lingani : S'imposer avec ses racines - le Faso.net, l'actualité ...(Sidwaya,Burkina faso)”
Alassane KERE - Le faso.net

“When Lingani starts to sing, her rich, powerful voice is so over-mic’d that it makes my stomach rustle.”
Deborah Jowitt - Village Voice

“aside from the fabulously charismatic singer Mai Lingani and her backup dancers) is seeing Ms. Armitage work through ideas of partnering.”
Claudia LARocco - New York Post

“Mai Lingani. One of the most acclaimed vocalists to hail from her native Burkina Faso, Lingani was a 1990s staple of Zaka, that nation’s premier music club.”
Mafrika Music Festival

“It certainly helps that the group includes a singer as strong and charismatic as Mai Lingani—who's a star in Burkina Faso and can rough up her limber, glassy voice into a startling growl”
Peter Margasak - Chicago Reader

“the sultry-voiced singer Mai Lingani charmed and dancers riveted the crowd.”
Vivien Schweitzer - The New York Times

“The spotlight lands instead on Mai Lingani, a vocalist of irrepressible energy and unwavering self-assurance. Singing (or shouting) in a handful of languages, she galvanizes even when her backing falls short, as on “To Mi To Zi,” built on a squawky electronic vamp, and “Naab Koobo,” redolent of a synth-drums demo”
Nick Chenen - The New York Times

“But the heart and soul of the band is lead vocalist Mai Lingani, who combines powerful pipes, wild moves, and an irresistibly joyous stage presence. ”
The AfroPop Blog

“One of Africa's first electronic acts, the band was formed several years ago by Austrian composer and percussionist Lukas Ligeti, with singer Mai Lingani and guitarist Wende Blass from Ougadougou, Burkina Faso, and electronics wizard Pyrolator from Dusseldorf, Germany. ”
NPR Music

"...The music of Ligeti and Lingani points to a new fusion, one in which electronic and acoustic sounds blur together and elements from Anglo/Euro and West African music meet, mingle and party down without one being ceding to the other."
Mark Kressman - Jazzreview.com

"Lukas Ligeti and Mai Lingani take world music into the outer limits."
Chris Macias - The Sacramento Bee

“Mai Lingani delivers an astounding African song during the event, backed by the choral group. ”
African Events.com

“Her unique sound has earned her respect for her fusion of African traditions with electronics and experimental compositions.”
William Farrington - Rhythm Revolution NY

“West African pop singer from Burkina Faso that New York Times’ Claudia la Rocco called the fabulously charismatic singer is back again with her band The Tangare”
Afrobeat Radio - Afrobeat Radio

“MAI LINGANI, is one of the most popular singers out of Burkina Faso, West Africa.”
Administrator - New African Production