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Hometown: Dudley, UK

Label: Saltdog

Website: www.soleymourning.com

Genre: Rock

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Black Country melodic hard rockers Soley Mourning, who have already built a major live following all around the Midlands, let alone Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Holland, have truly stepped up to the plate with their third studio album, ‘Zaire’, released on Saltdog Records, distributed via Code 7, on October 24th. Containing ten perfectly formed cuts of classic, blues tinged, fluid, funky hard rock tracks, ‘Zaire’ marks a major milestone in Soley Mourning’s progression toward the limelight.

A stunning video for the first single (& track) on the album, ‘Deadman’s Town’ has already been filmed and edited by Frogg and Peach Productions
Soley Mourning were formed in 2006 by distinctive vocalist Mat Partridge, guitarists Tone Chambers and Andy Guest, bassist Dattani and drummer Chris Smith. Their bluesy debut album ‘Mambo County’, released in 2006, received such positive reviews that Soley Mourning were invited to headline a tour of Belgium, their first foreign foray, in 2007.

Their second album ‘Remove, Replace, Rewire’, released early in 2009, was a much harder edged offering which won over fellow Midlands rockers Magnum, who invited Soley Mourning to tour Europe with them as Special Guest act at the end of that year.

By this time drummer Chris Smith had quit and had to be swiftly replaced by accomplished tub thumper Ash ‘Mash’ Garbett, just in time for the tour. The Magnum tour turned out to be a more than Spinal Tap type experience for Soley Mourning, who soldiered on through broken down tour buses, lost (vital) luggage, accident, injury and sheer bad luck, but still managed to get to every gig by the skin of their teeth, and win over every avid audience.

Returning to the UK, and on a high, totally fired up by the fantastic responses they received on the Magnum tour, Soley Mourning began writing ‘Zaire’, in 2010. Nudged in a more mainstream, funky direction by new drummer ‘mAsh’, a horde of catchy, well crafted gems of compositions soon emerged. The ten best, which were selected by co-producers Mark V Stuart and Sheena Sear were then recorded at Mad Hat Studios in the winter and Spring of 2011 to become ‘Zaire’, the band’s most accomplished and polished opus to date.


“One thing is for certain: this is catchy as stink and will get under your skin. It's a slick sound complete with lashings of keys. Lodged somewhere between bluesy hard rock and outlaw country, this should be huge. Its feel good music that is obviously a treat live ”
Blog Critcs Online

“The album is riff-tastic, and these Black Country-based boys can lay the groove down thick. Opener 'Deadman's Town' jumps along in a danceable rhythm that generally sets the standard for the record. Songs such as 'Way Down Low' ensure that this vibe continues, led by punchy, grinding guitars. Numbers such as 'Gimme Sumthin'' and 'Double Drop' carry a deep bluesy feel somewhat reminiscent of early Black Crowes releases”
Uber Rock

“Opener Deadman’s Town chugs like Foo Fighters and stomps like Zeppelin, while Gimme Sumthin owes more to early Doobie Brothers. On the evidence of hard rockers such as Groundhog Saturdayy and ShesGonna Make It Shine, they could give Black Country Communion a run for their money”
Paul Cole - Sunday Mercury Newspaper

“Without a doubt, one of the best releases I've heard this year that requires repeated listening, simply because it is so good. Yes, with 'Zaire', this is a band that congos all the way”
Mark Taylor - Metalzine Magazine

“What all the fuss is about though, is that from tracks like ‘Groundhog Saturday’, ‘Double Drop’ and ‘Way Down Low’ is that they alternate between the light hearted blues rock of the Black Crowes and the heavy funky groove of Zepp – and they do it pretty damn good too! Right from the go, “Zaire” has a smokin’ choogin’ rhythm that is guaranteed to move that body”
BattleHeim Magazine

“It’s both exciting and refreshing to realise that the British music scene is still spawning bands with the self-assurance and talent to create melodic rock albums in the vein of Zaire. Soley Mourning might be new to the masses but this is their third long player and the time spent honing their craft has been time well spent. Perhaps lacking a truly standout anthem, this album does, nevertheless, boast a remarkable level of consistency and there’s not a bad song here ”
SR - Rush On Rock

“Soley Mourning are my type of band, passion driven blues infused rock where all the pieces of the puzzle come together to make something truly outstanding. From the opening riffs of ‘Deadman’s Town’ with its Audioslave style opening salvo, Zaire is an album that would appeal to anyone who likes their music drenched in guitar charged melodies, gritty vocals and hard hitting lyrics”
Simon Mulholland - Vanguard Magazine

“This excellent album consists of ten tracks of quality melodic Hard Rock, guitar driven and riff laden throughout, and underpinned by some particularly meaty vocals”
SW - Classic Rock Society Magazine

“Melodieuze rock met invloeden uit de classic seventies en jaren ’90 grunge, met een ongelofelijk goeie zanger en aardige songs. Ruim tweeëneenhalf jaar na het debuut is er de 'Remove Replace Rewire' en die laat een act horen met meer ervaring, meer vertrouwen en meer diepgang”
Rudi Claeys - Rock Tribune

“Every track was a pleasure to listen to proving that originality is still what is needed in this jaded music scene.”
Terry Skerritt - BBC

“Dabei ging es hauptsächlich sehr druckvoll und rockig zu. Vor allem Schlagzeuger Ash machte den Eindruck, als wollte er in der gut 50minütigen Show seine Schlagzeugfelle durchschlagen, so heftig bediente er sein Instrument.”
Musikzirkus-Magazine - Stephan Schelle

“The passion, energy and fun the 5-piece shows when they’re on stage you can’t honestly be standing still. Lots of people in the building nodding their heads, tapping with their feet or clapping enthusiastically to the music without or with animation by charismatic lead singer Mat Partridge”
Sebastian Huhn - Sebastian Huhn