Pace Ride / Press

“I have never heard a Pink Floyd cover like that! KoRn's version of "The Wall" barely stacks up in comparison.”

Hypocritical Oath

“Your version of "Hey You" hits like a Velvet Hammer! Great work!”

The Space Age Soul Initiative

“There is a Reason Your Number 1. Hey You Sound Great, very Well Produced!”

Smokin’ Mother Nature

“HEY YOU- the heaviest Floyd cover I've ever heard!! Great job guys, really diggin your sound!”

Phoenix Rising

“My situation exactly. Hey you. Hit me up with your best song. Enjoyed the music!”

Cal David, RN Artist

“Man, listened to "Hey You" and you gave it a unique sound and style of your own, excellent structure and vibe!!!.”

The Honest Mistake Band

“Just listened to Hey You again. Amazing job on this song! Played it loud today and rocked Santa Monica, California!! Keep up the great work!”

Tom Russell, RN Artist