Overnight Collides / Press

“After the initial guitar intro, what is strikingly apparent about Overnight Collides is the ‘collision’ of steamroller metal with the clear confident voice of Melissa Kay. This is not a conflict, but a fusion… …a fusion which “strays from the ordinary to create something extraordinary“.”

“Overnight Collides is an independent Canadian act fronted by Melissa Kay, who not only sings her little heart out, she is also the drummer and from what I have been told, is an avid guitar player too!”

“In the Thursday edition of Getting to Know, we catch up with Ottawa-based rock trio, Overnight Collides, a band that has a hard time comparing themselves to anyone else out there.”

“Melissa, Andrew & Scott of Canadian band, Overnight Collides, joined Nick & Bootsy in the Basement via phone for a chat and to introduce some of their original tunes.”

“Email Interview with Overnight Collides”

“Q&A Melissa and Andrew from the band did with UK-based music blog RealSoundsOK”