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“Just listened!!! You are an exceptional artist! I love the song. I am proud of you for taking this route with your music. I have shared company with the worlds best,but they don't have true peace.You will be rewarded for your obedience.Believe That! I'm a fan!”

Madukwu Chinwah Grammy Award Winning Music Producer - FaceBook

“Raising The Bar Artist Spotlight with a half page article on Orev Shalom”

“ I really enjoy the dialogue at the beginning of the track. The rapper narrates the song at the beginning which lets listeners knows what the song is about. He delivers the lyrics with the aid of a backing vocalist. Both artists harmonise well together and work in unison to create a distinctive melody for this track. I feel the emotion in the artist's voice so the lyrics do not come across as superficial. I feel that he is very genuine and he himself feels the lyrics. The lyrics are written so that they provide this track with a rhythm which I think is a very cleve thing to do when writing lyrics. I really connect to these lyrics already and the fact that listeners are connecting to the music is what will bring in sales. The whole track is minimalism at its finest and does not overdo it on the production side.Even though the lyrics are serious, I feel that both artists manage to make it light hearted for listeners so they do not get bored.”

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“ the intro voice is very strong and powerful lyrics run all the way through the song. this song has a nice flow to it and the female vocals are perfect to break up. it is easy to listen to and chill out to. i could see a song like this going very far. i hope to hear more of the same from this artist cos he has got talent. ”

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“ This is perfect. I love the honesty in this flow. I love the message. I could listen to this a lot. I love the songwriting, the perfect rap. I love the flow of the rapper being easy to understand and patient. I love the leadership of the artist. It's ironic he mentioned that word in this song in opposition of his being a leader, because that's exactly what he is. The poetry is powerful. The melody of the vocalist is incredible, She has amazing vocals. I can feel the chills or goosebumps from the singer. This is amazing. Perfect gospel rap song. I love the production as well. A clever track that doesn't say gospel music in the track, but doesn't denounce or oppose it either. A nice soulful experience in the entirety of the song from the raps, to the singing, to the beat. A different, sort of old school rap approach, but yet updated and definitely respectable skill in it. Nothing critical to say at all. Great work team. Keep grindin.”

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““This song floats in and drops a large sea of guitar notes and hip hop sounds. The song seems to reflect a beauty and dark presence that is jumping and shuffling with rap power. The song showers in and runs with memories that are built into the very gritty and tough drum parts. This song runs and shakes with solos that are flying upwards with a spectacular flow of spirit. When the song cooks up some pleasant and courageous lyrics the music and melodies match in the chorus. This is a song that has soul and refreshing notes that are drilling into the chorus. Where I would be most charmed and pleased is in how the second verse describes the lessons and morals contained in the song. This is music that plays through and pushes a resounding amount of positive values and loyalty into its rhymes. This is a song that is loving and fresh with tons of chords driving with a spiritual blessing. This song holds a smooth and fantastic design that shows gospel hip hop notes and style.”

Unknown - Survey

““This is a really nice R&B/rap song, i like the girls voice used in the cores. I fell like dancing with my man with this song! Has a very nice tone to it, and i love the lyrics of the song as well. :)””

Unknown - Survey

““This is wonderful. From the beginning with the female vocal, to when the rap comes in. The beat is jazzy and funky and interesting. The lyrics are great, the chorus really pops. I'm not sure how big Christian rap is but I know it has a place and a specific audience. I love all the little musical breaks. This is mixed really well and it 's extremely enjoyable.””

Unknown - Survey

““I really liked the female vocalist 's background singing at the beginning of the song. The male vocalist has a very good voice and the lyrics had good meaning. The music had a good balance between instrumentals and computer sound. I like the slow, gentle rap that the song had. The part where the female vocalist sang was very good and she had an amazing voice. I would love to hear more songs from this artist.””

Unknown - Survey

““This was a great beginning, definitely a song that I would listen to again because of the message that it is bringing upon. This song had a very nice melody present of the claps to keep the song on beat. The vocals were very expressive with his feelings. I really thought that the song was heartfelt and was something that I could easily listen to over and over and over again. The lyrics of this song were amazing, very consistent and deep because of the sad message brought across. This song had some really strong lyrics and everything was balanced very nicely! This song is defiantly one that I would listen to again because the artist is very talented. I'm seriously going to look this song up and get it on my iPhone or something, it 's really that good! Dang, this song is very, very deep, I just love it! The lyrics are amazing because they have such a strong message! The rhythm and the instruments played really are great and go extremely well with the vocals and lyrics.””

Unknown - Survey

““This is an interesting song it has rap elements and r&b elements..the rhymes are christian and up lifting.. its about god and his forgiveness.."from bottom to the top" and the rapper is about loving god.. this is a pretty song.. it is relaxing! It was entertaining..””

Unknown - Survey

““I really love the introduction with the the laugh in the beginning, followed by the lightness of the 'la la la...'. The combination of the really lovely singing with rapping is unusual and definitely draws my attention.This song would be great to sort of break the barrier between rap and religion, which makes the lyrics very powerful.””

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““This song is kinda like a "soft rap" type song if there is such a thing. The beat of the music is slow to medium in pace and the pace of the male singer is about the same. It has a fairly steady flow to it. Not really my type of music, however not bad either. Some will like it, some won't.””

Unknown - survey

““The introduction to this song is amazing. I loved the giggle and then the most beautiful melodious female voice. The vocals are awesome in this song. The lyrics are outrageous and well written. I love both the male and the female vocals and the contrast they make against each other. The vocals are in perfect harmony with each other. The slow tempo of the music is excellent, I like the heavy beat of the music alongside the acoustic guitar. The la la la of the female vocalist is gorgeous. Overall, the vocals really shine in this song.””

Unknown - Survey

““the intro with the vocals of the girl is nice. once the beatdrops it has a smooth feeling with a bit of a gangsta side too it. nice chorus but simplistic. Religious rap isn't much of my dig but i like it””

unknown - survey

““The vocals came in instantly with the guitar which sounded incredible. Shortly after, the rapper's voice is introduced, His voice is perfect for the song and the backup singers reinforce the power of his voice. I would take away the cheesy sound effect. Overall this song sounds great.””

Unknown - Survey

““I'm not a huge fan of the hard rap. I do, however, enjoy that the lyrics are very clear and create a story. The arrangement of the three different vocal levels in the song were great. I enjoyed that there were different melodies put into different sections of the song. Also, the different pitches of each of the singers went very well together.””

unknown - survey

““I love the way the female comes in the beginning and through out the song. The vocals were great and the artist had a voice for rapping. The music was on point to the point where I could vibe while typing. The message was crystal clear and I liked the dedication in the beginning. I loved the way he narrated his story it it will make the fans relate even more. Everything about this song to me was flawless and the only I can say is keep good music like that coming.””

unknown - Survey

““a really strong and powerful song, holds words that will relate to the audience, so much emotion and potential there, i can hear so much success in this, extreme talent, flawless beat, perfect vocals, amazing lyrics, rhymes and flows, perfect song. really amazing melody and rythem and structure.””

unknown - Survey

““Beautiful melody. The drums, and the bass, with the harmonious voice on the hook. I think that this ranks highly as Christian Rap, but doesn't have the limitations. This is also a very good hiphop track. I love the hook and the artist has a smooth delivery. I can see this as an interchangeable track that would do well in either genre of music.””

Unknown - Survey

““I like the risk you took on a christian song with more of a pop/ rap genre. your voice really fits this style of music. This song really catches your attention because its not like normal christian songs. its more upbeat and more awakening. its more appealing to the audience. i really like how you separate the rap from the actual song. i also like the chimes in the background. the echoing also fits very well with this song. overall good job!””

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““This song begins with a soothing acoustic riff with a spoken word male vocal. This then transitions into a male rap verse over a soft rock style instrumental. Many current rap songs fail to utilize other genres of music to rap over. This song uses a unique instrumental for its rap style. This creates an experience that most listeners do not get to have often. The male vocalist that raps the verses has the perfect tone and tempo for the instrumental. The transition to the female vocals for the chorus allow for the best mix of styles. This song is very good and will be very popular in the hip hop scene.””

Unknown - Survey

“The vocals are excellent on this tune. The message is positive and I could see sacred listeners enjoying this song. This is a well produced tune that could be a radio hit on a sacred station.””

Unknown - Survey

““I really like how he rap's, because he knows how to rap at a good paste and allows the music to follow him, i also like his tone of voice is sounds strong and comforting at the same times. When the woman sings it left me speechless because she has a beautiful voice. The is a great song.””

unknown - Survey

"Up All Night With You" is such a great track. Your lyrics are so real and expressive. Love the vocals, too. Keep 'em comin'

“Good work, well presented, great message. I appreciate that you are clear and precise in your delivery. You are still keeping your soul in the feeling, but you are not resorting to slurring or using phony technique to make people listen to you. The female vocal is excellent as well. Production is nice and smooth. Mix is well balanced. And this bass player likes the smooth bass line. Thanks!”

“I like the intro, the background music works really well, thankfully this continues into the main body of the song unlike so many in this genre. The chorus is a really nice change, and is definitely the part of the song that will stick in my head. The production and engineering are tight and I think the song is ready for release. I'm not a fan of this kind of thing usually, but this is definitely one of those songs that I could listen to more than once”

Anonymous - music xray focus group survey

“notice that you say this is a first recording for a new rapper. I must say I'm quite impressed. This is a very well written, composed, performed and produced piece of music which I thoroughly enjoyed. Excellent dynamic instrumental arrangement and spiced up with lots of variety which keeps the track listenable throughout. Nicely mixed and sounds clean, fresh and original overall and the song has a great commercially appealing feel to it. A stunning first effort. This song has mainstream value awell as being radio friendly and could be very successful given the right amount of exposure in the correct places.”

Anonymous - Music XRay focus group survey

“Love the beat! Excellent music to wind down to and also drive to. The vocals of the artists are fabulous, the rapping is amazing. Great meaning full words,”

Anonymous - music xray feedback report

“That good music can be heard in this melody I liked as you aboard the theme and the theme of the song, I think the producer of this music is one of the best, has ideas very creative in his mind, which is reflected in this excellent audio track, congratulations, very music rap and hip-hop”

Anonymous - Survey

“That song so enjoyable, I think it is a perfection of rap, sounds pretty good this chorus of women humming, I liked his strength to begin to rhyme of this artist, I liked the base that has a touch of pop music, but it has some pretty good arrangements, wing time to choir women is a beauty of songI like her much recommend, liked music good”

Anonymous - Survey

“The song was greatly done with the guitar and synthesizer sounding with melody and backing up tuning vocals. The song is a R&B type hip hop and the lead singer is a male person who had a vibrant sounding strong and effective voices that could create variation in music too. The recording quality of the song was great. The lyrics and singing of the song was lovely and romantic in emotion. The total song was listening nice and good song in a word to say.”

Anonymous - Soundout

“This rap track has a good message that comes across in the rhythm of the introduction and keeps the flow moving strong. I thought that the performance was very well developed and had good heart and emotion as well.”

anonymous - Survey

“This is a pretty good emotionally charged song lyrically as the song goes on. The energy of the beat and the melody keeps it alive and when the woman comes into the song she's a welcome addition and surprise into this song as it flows on. Good drum beat and continuation through the whole song - great rapper.”

anonymous - Survey (random)

“the song has good message. the artist know how to put pen to paper and write a good song that means something. this is a song that you can play around the kids without worry. the whole song is positive that is hard to come by these day. the hook of the song is really good the vocals on the hook has talent.”

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“You'll def go far. because you def have the the inspiration, talent and will power”

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