The Orange Peels / Press

“Not that I’ve been there, but Sunnyvale, California sounds like the premiere habitat for rock band such as The Orange Peels, whose fifth disc, Sun Moon, overflows with bright, healing alt pop salvos that sound primed for vacation playlists. . .”

"Each song, at the very least, brings new ideas and idiosyncratic twists to old forms, the kind of things that made such acts as Big Star, Squeeze and Crowded House their own name brands within the larger form. At its best, as on the ‘70s-referencing “Bicentennial Bridge,” “Sun Moon” holds the kind of playful, experimental spirit that marked one of power pop’s most individualistic figures, Todd Rundgren."

“If you had Bay Area indie combo the Orange Peels pegged, just peel back the glossy pure-pop shell, lend an ear to its new album, "Sun Moon," and you'll find a juicy, vulnerable new incarnation, especially when the bravura finale, "Yonder," rolls around, and vocalist and bandleader Allen Clapp, in full-throated falsetto Freddie Mercury mode, entreats, "Take my hand," as the rest of the band takes off for space-rockin' parts once left unexplored.”

“Quite a few sound like the group is heading off into new directions, too, like on the expansive "All at Once" or cinematically epic "Yonder," which unspools over seven minutes of majestic pop grandeur. It's a direction the band could keep heading in and do some really strong work in the future.”

“Grey Holiday will baffle the listener in consideration for how a group can produce such largeness from simple bass, drum and guitar framing. Therein lies the Orange Peels’ ingenuity. . .”