Oneiroid Psychosis / Press

“Over the course of seven years and three albums, the brothers Leif and Lars Hansen – otherwise known as Oneiroid Psychosis – have been committing to tape some of the most morbid and haunting Gothic synth ambient rock you’re ever likely to hear. Hopefully this fourth album, their first for a decent-sized label, will see the band garner some of the recognition they so justly deserve. Entirely obsessed with states of unconsciousness, illness and physical decay, the darkly compelling mood pieces this Wisconsin duo create, with the aid of creepy harpsichords, otherworldly chanting, and Lars’ narcotic vocal laments, are akin to what it might sound like if avant-industialists Coil collaborated with Marilyn Manson on the soundtracks to your darkest, most liquid dreams. Morbidly recommended.”


“Autumn is the perfect setting for any release by these locally bred sorcerers of atmospheric synth-gloom. Oneiroid Psychosis’ signature formula – lyrical tracings of the scars of loss and longing, somber baroque melodies, creeping tempos, and minor-key synth progressions that loom like banks of black fog – remains intact. But with two epic-style tracks of over 15 minutes each, their fifth full-length CD finds the duo advancing their craft on a grander scale. ”Birth and Death”, in particular, stands out as a harrowing dramatic achievement, reflecting the final desperation of a friends suicide through the passages that whisper the stillness of a moment, then scream out the violence of the next. Forever is Forgotten is both a lavish conception and sonic triumph – dark, to be sure, but outlined with hope. Not a bad thing to have around as you cast your dreams into autumn’s night sky.”

Al Ritchie - Isthmus