“Armed to the teeth with an impressed arsenal of riffs...the attitude and amp-titude with which they attack their doomy tune-age is measurable by the clear amount of joy and fun the band seem to be having along the way.”

“The dense, complex production values give this album a very traditional doom metal feel in the old style of Electric Wizard and Kyuss. There is also a lot of crunchy grind in the album’s heavier sections, showing plenty of influence from High on Fire. For all their heaviness, though, Olde Growth certainly know how to throw melodic, catchy hooks into their songs.”

“The band only features two members, but the sound they deliver is thick enough to make you think they’d have an army behind them pummeling away. For a debut release, this thing is nothing but solid.”

Disorderly Conduct

“A powerful rhythm section that can ably stand on their own marvellous merits. Olde Growth deserve you at your most stoned or at least at your most rock and roll.”

Number of the Blog

“Strong riffin’, dope smokin’, pit slammin’ metal that will make fans of St. Vitus very, very happy. Ten-minute-plus closer “Awake” is easily one of the best songs of the year.”

“Beautifully aggressive and brutally honest.”

“Just try imagine only two people pulling this off. This bass and drum duo sound like a goddamn legion of troops attacking over land, sea and air.”