D Selina / Press

“Abstract Element is one of the best the R&B Ep’s I’ve heard in a long time from any independent performer. It displays D.Selina’s talent beautifully, and is well produced and written. D.Selina has so many elements to her voice. One minute she sounds like a cute girl with exceptional vocal talent, and the next minute she sounds like a sensuous chanteuse. Other times she’s delivering powerful and mature vocals. Without a doubt, her range is excellently displayed on all the tracks. I am sure that anyone who downloads this Ep will find it more than enjoyable." -Rick Jamm”

"It is always a pleasure to stumble upon great artist; and this beautiful young R&B/Soul singers' aim is nothing short of greatness. D. Selina is a singer-songwriter serving a welcomed combination of audio flavors, smoothly melted together for an enjoyable listening experience sure to pull you back for seconds. Download her new EP, Abstract Element, on dselina.com and view upcoming events. Sign up for free music on her website!"