Octopus Rex / Press

“On the follow-up to 2012's Last Summer 7-inch, Travis McGuire and company amplify their preposterous power-punk in showcasing furious musicianship on minute-long roller coaster "Let's Get Ripped" and toying with tempos to re-create the sound of an atomic bomb on the title track. Imagine Canadian noise trio Metz harnessing silliness instead of nervy aggression. They'll never be Austin's most famous octo act, but Octopus Rex always sound like they're having a blast.”

“The self-described party-punk/psych-metal/horror rockers utilize all the speed and attitude of punk meshed with fierce classic metal and rock riffs. On top of that, there’s a mad love for imagery taken directly from their favorite horror films, among other fantastical, not-necessarily-safe-for-work inspirations. But that’s rock ‘n’ roll. Time to get down and dirty with Octopus Rex tonight at The Badlands, located at 1203 Chicon. They share the bill with The Holy Smokes, Daftolmen and Animal Train. The music kicks off at 10 p.m. Get rowdy. Recommended.”

"Detroit-loving garage rock (Stooges/MC5) spines the Southern California bromance bassline of opener "Last Summer," its surf-inflected mosh with ambience perfect for a Texan June just up ahead. B-side opener "Party at the Graveyard" bounces straight Ramones (Groovie Ghoulies?), while "Russian Roulette" again sprinkles Chili Peppers on an aggro/stoner brawn more akin to Queens of the Stone Age. This power trio's three-song spin signals Summer all right. Pass me some beach, Rex."

"everybody's favorite lovable unholy terrors... holy crap, they're insane."

“Last summer was miserable, and it really needs its own theme song, something that reeks of charred mobile homes, piss-soaked jeans, and gravel-pocked roadrash. And guess what? Now we’ve got one. Texan party-enders Octopus Rex have laid down the gauntlet with their sneering Last Summer 7inch. Gutpunching bikerpunk riffs and werewolf howls and everything bursting into flames. Heavy!”