Nukeateen / Press

“Three piece grunge band Nukeateen (nuke-a-teen) re-formed last year after splitting up in 1999. Ten years later they got back together to record their back catalogue of 48 songs that were popular live but never made it to the studio. These 48 songs will be made into 4 new albums one released every year over the next 4 years. This revival caught the eye of legendary producer and former member of The Butthole Surfers and Ween, Mark Kramer. Kramer will be mastering all four albums. The band will be recording the drums and bass guitar parts in their own studio in Northamptonshire, UK. Then it gets sent to Australia to record the guitar and vocal parts, because the band's singer/guitarist now lives in Melbourne. The first of the four albums, "Reginald's Revenge," is due for release in July 2010 and the band plans to tour the U.K. in August to promote it.”

“Nukeateen were a Grunge, Post Punk Rock band playing all the local pubs and hangouts in the area, famous for writing songs about everyday experiences. They recorded two cassette demos in the early days which were sold at gigs, the first being the "White" demo and the second "Drive" both of which sold out. By October 1996 Nukeateen needed a new drummer and in November 1996 Dennis Bonura was replaced with Nick Iliffe. From that point on things really changed for Nukeateen the sound became tighter, a whole new fan base were turning up to gigs, and Taz, Jon and Nick had become really close, like 3 brothers they all had the same attitude and work ethic. Nukeateen were not about to follow every other band in the area on how to gig or record etc, they had bigger and better ideas, any idea they came up with no matter how crazy it would sound they would find a way of putting it into action. This made Nukeateen stand out from other bands and changed the way other bands did things in the future.”

“NUKEATEEN, a three piece band originally from Wellingborough but now spread over two continents and promising big things by recording its huge stockpile of Brit punk-laced grunge. The band had its first album Ozone back in 1998 but split over artistic differences in September 1999. Drummer, Nick Iliffe, said “We never wanted to split up in the first place. We just kind of had to.” When asked what really triggered this reunion of sorts, he mentioned that vocalist Taz Cebula had recently recovered from cancer and they had always wanted to record their 90s material. He also added, “When we are old and grey we can look back at this and smile rather than screaming ‘Doh! I wish we’d done that! I had my garage converted into a studio so I said ‘Look, while we’re still breathing, let’s f*cking do this!’” The band has picked 48 songs in total from their old rehearsal cassettes. Plans are to release all the tracks on four albums with the first dubbed Reginald”