Not A Planet / Press

"bristling but shimmering mix of pop, glam, rock and blues."

"Not A Planet is one of Kansas City's most popular bands partly because its sound acts as a rock 'n' roll Rorschach test... (You might hear) Stone Temple Pilots ... Beatles ... Black Keys."

"Apparently, Not a Planet's van is so dangerous that it has claimed the lives of countless bass players"

"(Not A Planet) plumbs a variety of genres - blues, pop, indie rock, classic rock among them - to develop a sound that is both particular and familiar."

"...enjoyable sets from Kansas City rock bands Not A Planet and Drop A Grand."

"(drummer) Liam Sumnicht is a very tall man."

"For bands like Not A Planet... it's about potential and the faith that anything can happen."

““We’ve worked with Not A Planet and experienced the crowd reaction a dozen times or more … Pure Pros, Pure Pleasure!””

Thom McGinty, Steel City Media - KC102.1 FM

"a power trio that soars on the muscle of Nathan Corsi’s vocals"

"'60s-pop-meets-East-Coast-indie-meets-Yankee-blues tunes [...] emotionally charged lyrics [...] endlessly entertaining drummer, Liam Sumnicht"

"stunning music [...] retro sound, modern (edge) [...] (feel) connected emotionally to each song"

“extremely detailed, story-driven lyrics [...] Extravagant and catchy in all the best ways”

"pushed by the dynamic rhythm section of Liam Sumnicht and Bill Surges and steered by Nathan Corsi’s steady, pitch-perfect vocals."

"drama-tinged garage rock"

"blew the audiences away [...] a great show to witness"

"fervently expressive pop-rock"

“rockin’ songs [...] highly acclaimed”

“huge hooks, big drums, and even bigger melodies ... from the Midwest? [...] pop gems just dingy enough to keep naysayers and anti-pop purists from running away. [...] “Bring Her Home” ... has all the bounce of an Alabama Shakes song combined with the desperation of Jeff Buckley.”

“Unabashed pop-rock [...] bouncing drums and soaring vocal melodies flanked by almost classic rock guitar licks [...] a less trippy, but equally epic Bright Light Social Hour.”

"consistently wowing crowds [...] highly entertaining live shows. [...] amazing, rollicking songs spanning bluesy garage rock, classic rock and folk – think Delta Spirit meets The Killers."

"a perfect blend of talent and Charisma [...] these guys are the real deal."

“one of my favorite bands [to] come through Warrensburg in a long long long long time”

“emphatically oriented crowd-pleaser.”

"(Not A Planet) knows how to put on a show [...] upbeat original songs, jumps and drum stick throws-and-catches"

"one of those bands that causes the audience to stop mid-sentence and take notice [...] this music is what addictions are made of."

“Stage presence, music, showmanship ... Those guys rocked. [...] The Killers meets Bon Iver with just a hint of The Beatles.”

“dancey and fun to watch [...] straight folk rock and they fucking own it. [...] This is rock n’ roll baby.”

"Not A Planet charms the arms off of Brooklyn every time they roll through."

Abbey Ley - Glasslands Gallery

"Not A Planet are pro, a pleasure to work with not to mention their creative yet accessible approach to the rock and roll idiom. Me, I like 'em."

Steve Tulipana - Record Bar