NORROK / Press

“This album sounds like Rainbow had experienced prophetic visions of Stratovarius. Norrok often journeys into the progressive side with instrumental pieces that drift into spiritual voyages accompanied by beautiful keyboard arrangements. Heavily inspired by the neoclassical guitar gods with memorable phrasing in lead sections and catchy riffing. “Portrait of Destiny” is brilliant while the harmonized leads perfectly blend classical modes and metal. Norrok could stand alongside some of the European greats. “Lost Time” is melodic in nature and references Saxons, Vikings, and Romans. “Darkness Falls” and “Pompeii” might attract fans… Bloodstone isn’t tightly jammed into one particular genre, so the album should be accessible to fans of many types of music. Norrok may prefer long, transcendent instrumentals rather than focusing on catchy heavy tracks with shattering vocals like “Victim” .It’s likely Norrok will produce an even better sophomore album-not to be miss”

“Rockin' Loud, Rockin' Hard at the Summit - ...the audience seemed excited. The air reeked of suntan lotion. Many were tossing around frisbees, footballs or baseballs. In a few spots hackey sacks could be seen being kicked into the air. People were meeting their friends and the band members, and finally started settling down, somewhat, to watch the performances begin. Winding down the seven and a half hour conglomerate of music was a head-turner from Colorado - NORROK.”

Dallas O'Brien - The Claw