Nikki Hill / Press

"Nikki Hill molds herself in own image"

Chicago Tribune

“Turning heads with her vintage dresses, head scarves, and full-sleeve tattoo, just as James did with her signature bleach blonde hair, the St. Louis-transplant brings new life to a classic sound.”

Portland Monthly

“Hill is a petite powerhouse, with a booming that is as sweet and lucious as it is gritty and raw.”

Portland Monthly

“Just try to keep up with her”

Johnny Whiteside, LA Weekly

“The fast-rising, hard-charging, 20-something, North Carolina born-and-bred singer Nikki Hill has more than earned her evocative "Southern Fireball" moniker.”

LA Weekly

“If there has been a better original blues bopper released this year than "I Got A Man", I haven't heard it yet. Great vocal delivery against some ace lead guitar work.”

UK Rock N Roll Magazine