Echo / Press

“Echo has really nice tone. Reminds me of Sinead O'Conner. Not an easy tune to make sound this good.”

“River Run! I knew at the start there were big things coming. Loved the percussion, a very unexpected cadence. Evocative lyrics & sweet/emotional upper range vocals remind me of Jewel's best. Production's executed very nicely with great instrumentals. Overall, an impressive song!”

“Very Pop Country. It has a Dido edge to it.”

“Genres aside, some songs feel like they should win awards in all different styles of music. 'River Run' is smooth, mellow, & sensual. Wish I was the one she sang about. What a voice! My bros all say they love her tones and sensuality too. Nice overall textures. A real lonely love song, like a dream.”

“Radio Ready! The intro was a little too low key for me but you saved it once you opened up your angelic voice. You have a really original tone & vulnerability that you don't often hear. I really think this can be a radio hit right now. So tweak that intro & get this track into the right hands!”

“'River Run' is great and the production enhances the vocals which is really pretty and makes me want to hear more of your songs.”

“This is what music should be! Beuatiful voice, great lyrics and overall good sound. I can't wait to hear more!”

“'River Run' is a nice folk-country tune with a nice concept. Vocal is easy to follow & enjoy! I like this artist! I do appreciate the lyrical skills! VERY, VERY TALENTED & BEST WISHES!”

“I very much enjoyed 'River Run' and the powerful vocals. What a beautiful and strong voice. I had to play it a second time to fully enjoy the story because the first time I was captivated by the vocals. What a great song!”

“Interesting to hear a siren song with a hip hop beat in the country category. Tight production, very smooth. I'm sure the artist already has a strong fan base. The singer has great pitch and is very expressive. Reminds me a little of Tori Amos. Good job.”

“River Run has a nice keyboard intro, and a nice JEWEL vibe to the song.”