Nico Rivers / Press

“Truly addictive and artistic”

“Nico and crew manage to span a host of landscapes through their exploration of differing sounds and emotions.”

“Blurring the lines between indie rock and folk, Boston singer/songwriter Nico Rivers exudes a raw passion through his music.”

“After the release of his first solo record, "Thicker Than Water", Rivers hit the road as a one-man show, sometimes playing up to 4 instruments at once. His departure from his band roots (Pine Mountain Casket) was well-received and he soon fell in love with his new, stripped down set.”

“With a touch of the new Americana, Nico's music is fueled with volatile emotions. Elements of indie, rock and blues decorate his canvas, but he still wanders the woods like a journeyman trying to hitch a ride home.”

“Still, with To the Bone, Rivers has come up with his own take on the folk-Americana which has increased in popularity and prevalence in recent years. What makes him different is that his music is organic, grown from within, and not so much a contrived set-piece...This has advantages. Rivers sings from the heart.”

“Simply, this is a collection of seven, strong songs that speak to the listener even in their simplistic, stripped down form. The arrangement of the album is also to be commended with three new offerings and the addition of bonus tracks makes this one a veritable gift for fans.”

“Your Heart… makes strong use of the open spaces that exist. Rivers is able to make an alluring effort that will stick with listeners long after the track ceases.”