New Clear Threat / Press

“With school having started this week for some, Thursday night meant it was a school night but that didn’t stop some die-hard fans from staying out late and going to see New York punk mainstays Murphy’s Law. They headlined an all-ages show at Reggies on Thursday night. New Clear Threat was the first band of the evening. Right before they started playing their singer took off his shoes and performed in his goofy red socks which couldn’t have been very comfortable on that concrete stage. That didn’t stop him from moving about and he paced back and forth a lot while delivering some very solid hardcore vocals. The band was pretty straight forward hardcore by the numbers with a very slight hint of metal in some of the guitar work. They were tight and fast and while not overly original (at this point how can you really do hardcore much different that what’s been done?), they were pretty solid and entertaining.”

“Representing Chicago, IL, hardcore punk/thrash band, New Clear Threat doesn't quite fit in. With so many genres in the Chicago area and each with their own respective scenes, the lack of a pure, raw punk scene makes the band that much more interesting. "We have punk rock, but it's usually watered down to the point where it's almost embarrassing to call it punk. I guess that's true for most music nowadays though. We've never been a band about being in your face just for the f**k of it, but I think we do pride ourselves in being a bit louder or faster than people would like." Says band vocalist, Eric Williams. ”

“New Clear Threat from Chicago arrived and started the show with a rousing set of Punk/Thrash. This was their first trip to Indy, so in between songs they asked the locals where to find the Crown Point Brewery. The fact that is was on tap at The Vollrath probably made the trip worthwhile. The members are Eric on vocals, Warren – guitar, Charlie – guitar, Aaron – bass, and James – drummer. This band has been together for ten years and performs with a passion. I chatted with NCT after their set to learn they are just now starting to branch out of the Chicago area to tour. They would like to get to the east coast and especially have D.C. in their sights because they like the music coming out of that area. Their website http://www.nctchicago.com/ will be up and running this week. Make sure you visit it and look for them on You Tube. ”