Nestedge / Press

“About Nestedge - Vicopli . Nice and very atmospheric..well just the perfect soundtrack..liked the stereo effects, there is some "creaking" sound with 6 minutes..it seemed to me that the sound from behind the door on the left is heard) that is, from the door) does not in itself was..difficult and the good work, certainly a plus .”

“Nestedge under the clear influence of Bad Sector'a !!”

“About Nestedge - Diproz : good under mournfully drawling mood. It is not dark ambient to my taste, another something on the mood and atmosphere, is the main emotion - frozen longing . from the rest of the collection of distracting, as the mood of the other at the time of listening . well, all right. Cut through the Russian language, for me, this genre is still "other world" a little should be, and then somehow sharply on the mortal world. A promising beginning was, then development is not enough. But on the whole a good thing, I may defer it somewhere in another daddy and I will listen to in the right frame of mind.”

“about Nestedge - Diproz : The fire, the jungle, the Aztecs. Surrealism . Although more than the middle ages. Dark middle ages, готишное. The forest and not the jungle. The rains. All in shades of gray, black even. I see the knights of going after the massacre. Tired, beat-up, scarred. They don't need anything. Only wash away the suffering and blood in the rain. And here is some kind of a woman's voice mechanical. Itself the virgin Mary broadcasts through the mouthpiece )) . Choral motives. Track a little bit too drawn out. But he does not get boring. Here densely. There is something to listen to. This is closer to ambient.”