NerVer / Press

"Artist: NerVer Album: Bullfighter Rating: 9/10 If you’re a fan of good, no-bullshit rock with nothing but the truth in the lyrics, you will love this band. Their single, “No Cage” climbed the charts and that was only the beginning...In the same vein as their last album, this one is nothing but the type edgy, hard rock that only a band of their caliber can produce...The bottom line for this album is that if you’re a fan of hard rock, you long for how rock used to be; Full of the truth, balls to the wall and relentless. With NerVer and “Bullfighter”, you get that and much more."

"Seven Mary Three’s Casey Daniel has delivered the Pavement Entertainment debut of his side project NerVer. Bullfighter is 14 songs of hard rock, motorcycle engine burning gasoline dreams down the sun scorched highway, sweating in leather while pounding fists and shots... Mixing a Molotov cocktail of BLS, Chrome Division, Monster Magnet and Butthole Surfers Daniels takes the hell-raising hard drinking harmonies of Zakk Wylde, David Wyndorf, and Gibby Haynes adding his own whiskey proofed voice to the mix. Guitarist Cody Mac plays out the hard lessons learned in life and road memories with a hard knuckled loud bluesy crunch and vigor."

“Orlando band NerVer took over on the Wall Street main stage. The band’s Heavy Rock music has a classic sound with a Modern Rock twist, all blended with a heavy dose of attitude, courtesy of lead singer/guitarist Casey Daniel.”

“In the rock realm, Orlando’s NerVer — the brainchild of Seven Mary Three’s Casey Daniel — offered a solid, if overly riff-dependent, dose of old-school hard rock that was a well-timed introduction to festival headliner Candlebox’s grunge-laced closing set.”

“Keep it groovy and do it the non compromising way but don´t forget to fire on all cylindars, well that seems to be the motto for Florida hard rockers NerVer. Their new 5 track EP "Kings will fall" has the same groove as Suicidal Tendencies but with combination of grunge-like metal a la Alice in Chains and Ozzy (Zakk Wylde era). I love their attitude and energy, they´re just as tight as Disturbed but the riffs has more in common with Rich Ward of Stuck Mojo. This is a bloody great hard rock EP my friends. Also available : Twenty Twenty One Twenty Twelve (2010).”

““No Cage” really does have everything it needs to be commercially viable: a great driving beat, catchy hooks, sing-along chorus, excellent and passionate singer with a distinctive sound and delivery, dynamic variety in the composition, top-notch musicianship across the board, and professional production with a big, well-balanced sound. No wonder you’ve had success with airplays! My opinion is pretty much the same for “Misbehave” and “Make or Break”, and I liked the rhythmic variety in your pick of playlist songs. It shows you know how to keep the listener interested. You've written, performed and produced some hard-driving and head-banging songs with a signature sound for your band. Great work!”

“These guys ROCK and Primal.FM is please to have them onboard.”

“This is the next band to watch!! NerVer is a hard rock band based in Orlando, FL. Blending a mix of hard hitting drums, grooving bass lines, heavy riffing guitars, and in your face vocals, NerVer sets itself apart by not trying to be the next anybody. The first single “No Cage” is a hard hittind radio friendly bad ass rock tune. You will love this one! We do. Chances are that you will most likely know these guys…check them out myspace.com/nerver So what are you waiting for?! You are going to want to pick up a copy of this EP or see them when they hit the stage! “No Cage” now playing in our player! We give this one 4 of 5 stars!”

“Getting to the point you are going to have a nervous breakdown due to exessive noise, annoyance, family, etc... My family stayed so long and was so loud I was about to have a nerver.”