Neil Austin Imber / Press

“Neil Austin Imber has everything to make it. His musical roots, who earlier in the rockscene layers in groups such as Led Zeppelin or U2, certainly inspired him in his excellent guitar playing and his voice is one of the thousand, that can compare to the vocals of Darius Rucker, lead singer of Hootie & The Blowfish. He writes songs about matters that affect him in his daily existence and explains already in the opening song "Livin' On Credit Workin' For A Dime", with solid countryrockende guitar notes and the words "Waitin' For My Chance To Shine" his heart: this boy stands with both feet on the ground, not on one effort and has sat on top of modesty, patience. Translated by Bing”

“ If you were enjoying an evening at BRIO Tuscan Grille or CRUSH Wine Lounge recently, you might have seen Texas native and Country music singer songwriter, Neil Austin Imber and his entourage filming a music video for the song Breaking Down. The Woodlands Area Film Commission was pleased to assist Michael Walters with HD Productions with this project by working with local business partners who are interested in hosting film production. The Woodlands Area Film Commission is a member of the (AFCI) Association of Film Commissioners International and The Woodlands Township is a Certified Film Friendly Texas Community. www.TheWoodlandsAreaFilmCommission.com . To learn more about Neil Austin Imber visit www.NeilAustinImber.com. ”

“Neil Austin Imber is truly one of the most exciting new artists on the Texas music scene. His new CD “Livin’ On Credit working for a dime” is an awesome follow-up to his debut entitled “Roll The Dice” released in 2008. Neil Austin Imber is a young man exuding wisdom far beyond his years, writing songs with an insight and maturity that some artists never attain. From the title track “Livin’ On Credit workin’ for a dime” to the radio friendly “It’s Been A Few Years” and “Full Blooded Texan” Neil Austin Imber takes the listener on a roller coaster ride of insight and emotion with stories of Life Love and Lost Opportunity.”