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Negator / Press

“Much like Polish mainstays Behemoth and Hate, however, German maestros Negator bring the two together in a seething and colossal fashion on Gates to the Pantheon.”

“The fourth album from German black/death metal veterans Negator, “Gates to the Pantheon,” continues their fine tradition of releasing incredibly strong black metal with their devastating sound and off-the-charts brutality to create another winner in their growing list of impressive releases.”

“One of the best albums that we have had the chance to review in 2013”

“GATES TO THE PANTHEON is brutal and fast... full of Death/Black Metal magick! I have known Nachtgarm for about 13 years, it’s an honor to see a longtime supporter of the band cover the title track from our 2000-album NECRODAEMON TERRORSATHAN! Well done, Metal Brothers!”

Helmuth - Belphegor

“More Death, more Metal, more Unity. Obvious seditious break ups towards more professional regions do not let GATES TO THE PANTHEON turn into a softened chatting-up to commercial intentions. Quite the contrary: the unique black-metallica Negator-Hammer is swinging again with utter relentlessness.”

Thomas Sonder - METAL HAMMER Germany

“With GATES TO THE PANTHEON, Negator proves they are one Germany's best extreme metal bands. About time they get the attention they deserve, and with this album they should!”

E. Unsgaard - Sarkom/So Much for Nothing

“If you like your black metal frantic with lots of attention to detail and a heavy production you owe it to yourself to check out Negator's GATES TO THE PANTHEON!”

Danny Tunker - Aborted/ex-God Dethroned

“Panzer Metal 0.2.: Negator are back with a vengeance. GATES TO THE PANTHEON is raising the brutality of the first three albums to the next level. Though Negator keep on rolling full throttle and deliver impetuous heaviness they never sounded more diverse and ambitious than they do on this very album.”

Olli Schreyer - Legacy

“Giant Blast-Infernos, powerful Mid Tempo, malicious lead guitars – Negator deliver nothing but Panzer-Black Metal at the highest stage. GATES TO THE PANTHEON is aggressive, almighty, heavy and simply grand. Already at this point in time one of the Black Metal-Highlights of the year!”

Jan Wischkowski - Metal.de

“An incredibly well written album and one of the angriest sounding releases I have ever heard. I have come to expect a lot from Negator but Gates to the Pantheon sets the bar a hell of a lot higher. Truly, a fucking masterpiece in black metal and a record that will be remembered as such.”

Alan Glassman - Job for a Cowboy

“After their glorious and genius album PANZER METAL, Negator are now back with a vengeance and are closing in for the kill! GATES TO THE PANTHEON shows the band more variable than ever. More Black, more Death – simply more brutality. Negator reach out for victory on the German Black Metal-soil.”

Tobias Buck - Neaera

“The „Volvo“ among German Black Metal-Hordes is rolling again. “Panzerstahl” featuring Swedish interiors. On top you get a luxurious coat of varnish with regards to the sound. Simply awesome.”

Therion Zingultus Epitaph - Endstille/Graupel

“In the year 2013 Negator strike back with a relentless and blasting thunderstorm, but still stick true to their well-tried tradition of melodies and manage to deliver an intensity that turns GATES TO THE PANTHEON into t-h-e Black Metal-Album of the year 2013!”

Nikita K. - Der Weg einer Freiheit

“After PANZER METAL‘s overwhelming relentlessness I was of course curious what the Negator would have to offer in terms of Flak and missiles. As it turned out, I caught myself listening to GATES TO THE PANTHEON over and over again. And what should I Say? They still know how to deliver the big things. This is fat. Still, Negator execute a more complex approach with their fourth record and the Guitars on PANZER METAL sounded a tiny bit more brutal. In all, GATES TO THE PANTHEON features a little less barbwire, but way more “the round muzzle”. However, as I already said: This is thick stuff. In this context there is one thing to highlight foremost: Nachtgarm’s vocal performance is again second to none. Mindblowing.”

Maik Weichert - Heaven Shall Burn

“Negator stick to their guns, while reinventing themselves. The songs – especially ʻSerpent’s Courtsʼ - are absolutely amazing and killing and almost bristle with passion. There is nothing like second-to-none extreme music. Still, Negator are more than that: so fresh, so passionate and by executing their melancholic Guitar-Riffs an intoxicating world of sound is being created. After listening to GATES TO THE PANTHEON, one thing is crystal clear: Negator step up to the Champions League of Extreme Metal.”

Trolfbert - Pantheion/ex-Negator

“With GATES TO THE PANTHEON Negator take a big step towards the top and develop their sound even further, adding interesting and new elements while maintaining their trademarks - devastating speed, crushing riffs and an outstanding performance of vocalist Nachtgarm, whose voice forces even the toughest demons in hell to take cover. Bands like BEHEMOTH or BELPHEGOR should watch out - the Panzer is rolling towards the throne of Black/Death Metal!”

Tentakel Parkinson - Todtgelichter

“With GATES TO THE PANTHEON Negator manage to channel the quintessence of their first three records and are more than able to expand their trademarks into a relentless reckoning with your ears.”

Alexander Schmied - Bethlehem/Mor Dagor

“The new album GATES TO THE PANTHEON from German black metal masters NEGATOR is filled with twists and turns. This album should appeal to both fans of black metal but also to whom that love straight forward death metal! I can hear bits and pieces of VADER, for example, here and there, I personally like it a lot! Nachtgarm and co's really come up with a unique and great blend of black and death metal. Flawless executed, awesome production and with tons of memorable riffs!”

Ronnie Bergerstål - Grave