Native June / Press

““If you have ever wanted to knock out the high school bully on graduation day, then make out with his girlfriend at the podium, Native June is the soundtrack to your life”. ”

“Grit Pop Rockers and music mongers Native June will open for English rock band Spacehog on July 20th at the Key Club in Hollywood. This show is the precursor for their upcoming album “From Ocean to Sunset”.”

“It’s a little more than 2,100 miles from a rustic house on the side of a hill in Sandusky to the famed Viper Room in Los Angeles but for Greensburg native Gabe Watson it seems he has gone much farther. “I’ve been playing in rock bands since I was 13, and this feels like I’m finally getting recognized for something I love,” Watson remarked from his apartment in LA. Most kids in Decatur County who hit high school around the mid-1990s can probably recall Watson’s teenage band, Good Fryday. After graduating from North Decatur High School in 1996, moving to Bloomington and graduating from Indiana University in 2003, Watson left his former band behind to pursue his musical aspirations in the City of Angels. Finally, his new incarnation, Native June, is making waves in the clubs of Hollywood and the surrounding area.. . .”

By Adam Huening - Greensburg Daily News