Nathan Burris / Press

“Nathan Burris is a bright shining star on the horizon of country music. His down-to-earth traditional sound is as refreshing as a cool breeze on a hot summer day. His songwriting is also highlighted on a couple of songs and one in particular, the title-cut, “Oklahoma Sunrise” is definitely one of the stand-out songs on the project. Another favorite is “Wrinkle In The Road” written by Troy Jones, Scotty Emmerick and Paul Overstreet which Nathan delivers with sincerity. This debut project from Oklahoma native, Nathan Burris shows a lot of promise! Looking forward to hearing more.”

““The country music horizon is filled with talented entertainers - from contemporary to traditional - all vying to be the “next big thing.” Like many Oklahomans before him such as Vince Gill and Garth Brooks, Nathan Burris is setting his sights on Nashville and the country music arena. With the release of his debut CD, Oklahoma Sunrise, he is already garnering compliments from country music fans as well as those on Nashville’s legendary Music Row. Born and raised in Tuttle, Oklahoma, Nathan first learned guitar at age ten, but it wasn’t until his time in college that his interest turned to passion. He started writing songs, his first being about his Dad, who died in 2006. Finally finding his voice, music shot to the forefront of his life. He began performing around Oklahoma City and throughout Oklahoma, receiving the highest of compliments when Lauren Nelson, Miss America 2007, declared, "Nathan Burris is awesome! Keep an eye out for him!" During this time, Nathan also (CONTI”

“Vince Gill, Toby Keith, Blake Shelton, and Garth Brooks are all native Oklahomans. They are also established country music recording artists. Nathan Burris would like to add his name to that list. We have all heard stories about the pursuit of a music career. It is a tough road, normally takes a long time, more failures than successes, but it can happen. After graduating grom Tuttle High School in 2007, Burris, 24, took a stab at college but left school in 2010. "I was always good in school, but I knew I was struggling in college and I needed to get out and figure out my career path," Burris said. The thought process always came back to music. After receiving a guitar as a present on his 10th birthday, Burris fell in love with music. He developed a passion for music. Now he wanted to play music for a living. With encouragement from family and friends, Burris began to pursue his dream. In 2011, Burris met Oklahoman Curly Corwin, a record producer, who has been around the Nash(CONTINUED)”