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““Welcome to the Hell” epitomizes Nasmore’s music to the heart, and the sound is flawless. The rhythms are thumping and provide the ideal base for the song’s complex atmosphere, hooking you until the very last second and for all the right reasons, thanks to the beauty each instrument contributes. Its raw and honest discussion of the themes of self-destruction and interior anguish creates an unforgettable hearing experience. Overall, this music is an unrivaled piece of artistry, and I am completely blown away. By the time it was over, I was astonished and my inner being had soared on the gusts of the melody.”

“We’ve been excitedly following the progress of Canada’s, Nasmore, and decided it was high time we caught up with them and fired a few questions to get to know them a little better. Nasmore is a role model: an example to follow for all the dreamers and everyone who is committed to living a life filled with creative fulfillment and following their passion, no matter what! He is a true artist who definitely deserves the audience’s full attention, especially as he is a catalyst that brings so many different talents together due to his frequent artistic collaborations.”

“nasmore is an artist I’ve featured before, and I just can’t get enough of his music! Welcome to the Hell is another amazing tune, having quite an eerie vibe to it at times. It’s extremely atmospheric, changing through several distinct movements as the song progresses. Different male and female vocals chime in at different points, drawing you into nasmore’s captivating world. Welcome to the Hell mixes rock, pop and electronica together perfectly, appealing to fans across the board.”

“Nasmore is one of the best Canadian-based alternative rock artists. His music combines cinematic, anthemic rock with pop and alt-rock elements to create a sound that’s both energetic and emotional. His most recent single, Welcome To The Hell, is an example of what he does best: combining heavy guitars with catchy lyrics and melodies that will stick in your head long after you hear them. He has been described as “alt-pop”, but it’s more than that. It’s alternative rock at its finest—with hints of pop, rock metal, hard rock, cinematic soundscapes, and classic rock influences.”

“‘Welcome to the Hell’ is 4 minutes of pure bliss in the style of ritual chants. The whispers discharge into incredible drum beats that will mesmerize the mass listener. The single ‘Welcome to the Hell’ has an oriental motif that emphasizes the individuality of the track and fills it with mystery. Heavy and juicy guitars keep the listener in suspense until the last secon. The track ends with a “meow” (I think it was a “meow” of a black cat), an unexpected and mystical sound that is a real gem of the track.”

“The usage of dynamic phrasing, intricate fingerpicking, and masterful use of distortion and effects, all add to the overall impact of the track. The guitar strings seamlessly weave in and out of the song's structure, elevating the emotional vehemence and driving the song to its climax. As a first-time listener of nasmore's music, I was immediately struck by the energy and power of "Welcome to the Hell." The song will have an electrifying effect on you, keeping you engaged and invested from start to finish.”

“Hell has never sounded this good! “Welcome to the Hell,” the new single by the eclectic Canadian pop maestro known as nasmore, taps into his unique sonic formula: an amalgam of stadium rock, goth-industrial textures, modern R&B and cinematic scores.”

“nasmore aims to be a role model: an example for all the dreamers and everyone who is committed to living a life with creative fulfillment, everyone who follows their passion, no matter what. He is a true artist and catalyst who brings so many different talents together with his frequent collaborations. He grew up in Canada, with instruments surrounding him, fully immersed in music of all kinds while teaching himself the fundamentals and writing his own songs. With an adventurous spirit, a tremendous natural skillset, and the courage to experiment, nasmore developed an authentic taste for diversity that he infused into his own unique process.”

“Hell has never sounded this good. “Welcome To The Hell,” the new single by the eclectic Regina, SK-based pop maestro known as nasmore, taps into his unique sonic formula: an amalgam of stadium rock, goth-industrial textures, modern R&B and cinematic scores. Like most nasmore singles, it’s a collaboration. Returning to the nasmore fold is guitarist Neil Taylor, best known for his work with Tears for Fears in the mid-’80s and Robbie Williams in the early 2000s. New to nasmore is an operatic pop singer from Italy, La Strange. On this lively, edgy and stark single, Taylor lashes out with gritty vocals and fierce guitar licks that perfectly mingle with La Strange’s beautiful and yet powerful voice. This is a no-brainer for fans of artists like Paramore and Dua Lipa, to mention only a couple. In nasmore’s own words, “Some songs make you cry, and some songs you skip forward, and then there are songs that immerse you into their world, putting a sarcastic smile on your face...”

“nasmore ... is known for his unique sonic formula. He balances his music using appealing melodies and catchy pop hooks, as well as the immediate edge of Indie Rock. It is impossible to understand how he manages to balance beauty and pain in such a distinct manner that it forces the listener to pay attention to every detail.”

“This anthem for the masses features everything the finest in its genre has to offer and then some. Starting with the beautiful edgy rock feel from the deep dark raspy vocals and slow crawling beat which progresses until we are introduced to La Stranges’ explosive talent. This continues to build through into the gorgeous guitar stylings that Neil has to offer, full of angst and a sense of nostalgic riffing and soon shredding, that really does set this song on fire! This is only enhanced by the production of this track, the epic panning that takes place in your headphones adds a level of disturbance to the sound. Every other sound is clear and clear-cut without an element of slippage! Being a track filled with pure fire, electricity and emotion, ‘Welcome To Hell’ has enough power to be able to take over a room’s spirit before people have a chance to blink.”

“Nasmore, as we know, is totally versatile, without fear of testing and experimenting with sounds. His influences have names like Imagine Dragons, Billie Ellish, Coldplay and Scorpions, totally eclectic. The new work "Welcome To The Hell" made in partnership with Neil Taylor and La Strange, has a mysterious beginning. With a voice in the background, whispering, the main vocal sits hard into the music amid the beats and the synth that grows. It's an incredible mix between metal and dark pop synth, with a strong and striking vocal on the chorus. "Welcome To The Hell" has strong beats, a cinematic sound, is a new anthem, which has riffs that grows in the second part, with the entire brand of rock and roll. The female vocal is a contrast that is important in the song, in a dark rock duet that makes the listener vibrate.”

“Indie Talk is the podcast where we talk to emerging independent artists from all over the world in every genre to help you discover great music that you won't find on mainstream radio! Every segment is filled with candid conversation and great music. In this episode of Indie Talk, we dive into the powerfully dynamic new single from Nasmore, Welcome to Hell !”

“Some songs make you cry and some songs you just skip forward, and then there are songs that consume you totally and drag your mind to travel dark places. Hell, for example. Hope this is one of them. This track is a collaboration between nasmore and two amazing artists: Neil Taylor & La Strange. There is so much chemistry going on here, and the emotional impact that drives "Welcome to the Hell" is absolutely undeniable. NASMORE”

“The structure of the song resembles a piece of a horror musical in which the acting and interpretative component has a greater role than the music. Synth and electronic drums make up the undergrowth of the song and the choice of sounds makes their sound burning like embers burning under the ashes, in an apparent sleep state of flames ready to flare up at any moment. The captivating and menacing refrain is emphasized by the theatricality of the voices which with their power create an infernal amalgam of sound. Towards the middle of the piece the electric guitar makes its entrance and with its heavy muted sound it seems to uncover Pandora's box containing all the evils of the world.”

“The production of the track is particularly impressive, with a balanced mix that brings out subtle nuances and creates a lively and edgy feel. It is clear that a lot of thought and effort has gone into crafting the sound of the song, and it is truly a testament to the creativity and passion of nasmore and his collaborators. The lyrics are genuine and heartfelt, while the song itself is catchy and unpredictable. Melodic hooks and raw energy, what more could you ever want? Overall, Nasmore’s new release, ‘Welcome to the Hell’ is a great example of his ability to combine different styles and influences into a unique and powerful sound. It is an anthem that is sure to resonate with fans of artists like Paramore, Francis Moon, and Dua Lipa, and will serve as a source of inspiration for all those who are committed to following their passions and creating something special.”

“nasmore has perfected a unique sonic formula over time. What makes the artist's music so special is an incredible blend of influences, all performed with personality and passion. On the one hand, listeners will recognize the immediate edge of indie rock. On the other, it is impossible not to immediately latch on to the massively appealing pop hooks that drive the artist's music. nasmore's most recent studio work, "Welcome to the Hell," is actually a fantastic example of this remarkably executed balance of styles and influences. This track is a collaboration between nasmore and two amazing artists: Neil Taylor & La Strange. There is so much chemistry going on here, and the emotional impact that drives "Welcome to the Hell" is absolutely undeniable.”

“Nasmore knows what he’s doing. The track is a charming concoction of mystery, mystique, horror, and absurdism. It’s truly magnificent to be gracefully ushered into the majestic sonic worlds that he creates. With hyperbolic grandeur and elaborate arcs, the song has a matchless cinematic appeal that is reminiscent of Hans Zimmer’s work. La Strange and Nasmore’s tortured vocal performance tear through the loaded canvas, its bloody swells glistening under the shining light of guitar melodies. The harrowing rapture of the track escalates to wondrous levels. Intricately build with sinful rock accents, melodramatic electronica, and dark classical arrangements, the artists manifest a sinister glamor and make it sound great!”

“This is a great anthemic track, with big choruses and lyrics that will stick with you for the rest of the day. This track works its way into you and draws you into the music and I absolutely bloody loved it! I have listened to it on repeat about half a dozen times and I could listen to it half a dozen more!”

“Hell has never sounded this good! “Welcome to the Hell,” the new single by the eclectic Canadian pop maestro known as nasmore, taps into his unique sonic formula: an amalgam of stadium rock, goth-industrial textures, modern R&B and cinematic scores. The track combines symphonic metal, electronic, the macabre and a nod to the King of ghoul rock, Alice Cooper. It's also reminiscent of acts like Ayreon and Arcturus. There's also some atmospheric guitar work from the legendary Neil Taylor. La Stange's siren song grabs you into the track and the addition of a female vocal here heightens the cine rock track.”

“Que diriez-vous d’explorer une dimension des plus mythiques ? Les adeptes de jeux vidéo s’y feront certainement. «Welcome to the Hell » littéralement bienvenu en enfer, est le nouveau soundtrack du jeu Nasmore. Étrange, et à la fois Rock, l’œuvre se veut transcendante et hors du commun. Avec Neil Taylor et La Strange qui partagent le micro, les vocalises et les tonalités ne peuvent qu’avoir un caractère étrangement attrayant. Prenez le courage de suivre le récent cantique de Nasmor avec assez de crainte pour votre esprit. Car la composition saura bien transcender votre âme tellement les notes vous porteront vers des destinations inconnues.”

“A physicality opens the track up. The breathy quality of the work adds to the eerie atmosphere. Plenty of it works itself off into a steely eyed gaze. Drums hit with a barely restrained presence. Working itself into an outright frenzy it escalates quickly. Really the build up to the later cacophony is the true focal point. Drawing from groups like Foetus there is this sheer viciousness to it, one that takes on those eviler impulses and brings them to the light. Lyricism here plays up this angle with the many different parts of the work feeling so absolutely gorgeous. For the final stretch he completely and fully lets loose delivering that final blow to the listener, one that feels completely earned. “Welcome to the Hell (feat. Neil Taylor & La Strange)” shows off the unique quality of nasmore to create this immersive and completely nightmarish universe”

“Alcune canzoni ti fanno piangere, e alcune canzoni ti fanno saltare in avanti, e poi ci sono canzoni che ti immergono nel loro mondo, mettendoti un sorriso sarcastico sul viso e trascinando la tua mente a visitare luoghi oscuri. L’inferno, per esempio. Questa traccia è una collaborazione tra Nasmore e due fantastici artisti: Neil Taylor e La Strange. C’è così tanta chimica in corso qui, e l’impatto emotivo che guida “Welcome to the Hell” è assolutamente innegabile. Un concentrato di ritmi pesanti, voci evocative e sonorità distorte. Un brano dal sound generale corposo, grazie anche ad una voce che conferisce volume e grinta rendendo l’ascolto intenso e ben esaltato da strumenti tipici di quel sound Alternative Rock con l’aggiunta di ulteriori semplici dettagli che amplificano il suono rendendolo profondo, e creando così la giusta dinamica. Lo stile di Nasmore , regala un impatto sonoro di notevole fattura una traccia ricca di energia .”

“As soon as I pressed the play button I felt like I was watching a Broadway musical dedicated to Beelzebub. Surely the title perfectly describes the vibes of this song. It makes fire pass before your eyes and you see a red color so intense that it manages to dazzle you. I really liked the guitar solo that has Middle Eastern overtones that emphasize even more the gothic and dark atmosphere of this tune. The voices and choirs are magical and the rhythmic cadence is intense. While listening to Welcome to Hell I felt like I was participating in an occult ritual. Nasmore lets us start 2023 with a spooky twist that will be able to mesmerize you.”

“A long time ago, I wrote the shortest song in my life. It consists of two notes, literally. You may have heard it when you have been waiting for the elevator. ”

“Welcome to the Hell is a blazing electronic indie rock track by Canadian music producer, songwriter, and composer nasmore which has just been released. The song features Angela Castellani aka La Strange, the insane vocalist from northern Italy. Welcome to the Hell is an electronic song filled with ferocity and emotion. The song features regular guitar collaborator the veteran session guitarist Neil Taylor. The song begins with some whispered vocals as the arrangement sets in. This is a dark rock song with a prominent low end. Some vocals are raspy while the virtuosic vocals by La Strange catch our attention. The song makes use of electronic beats for the rhythm section. As the song proceeds, drums are added and the guitars become more prominent with their heavy tone. We are treated to a blazing guitar solo as well. Acts like Imagine Dragons, Billie Eilish, Scorpions, Coldplay, Hans Zimmer, and The Weeknd are cited as influences by nasmore. But he manages to craft a unique songwriting”

“Nasmore welcomes us to hell and invites us in by surrendering our souls. The trio guides us through the deepest parts of hell as they deliver chilling atmospheres, malevolous vocals, and lyrics of iniquitous intent. Neil performs a short, but absolutely shredding guitar solo, and La Strange chills our bones with her penetrating vocal runs. Without a doubt a great way to start your year, and a track that hits in all the right places with passion and emotional intensity. So buckle up, forfeit your soul, and listen now (The track releases on platforms on January 6, but you can already buy it on Bandcamp).”

“In all honesty, I feel a stronger pull to nasmore’s previous single ‘When Will I Learn’ with the hard-hitting vocals of Cris Hodges atop a bold alternative rock/hard rock melody. Of course, this does not mean ‘Welcome To The Hell’ is anything other than a musical masterpiece. The thing is, while each melody has a distinctive rough edge, nasmore proves his constant musical evolution by bringing a signature sound to the new metal-tinged ‘Welcome To The Hell’. In other words, one song has a specific style with the next being something different but, oddly enough, the same. Slithering into your ears, rocking about your brain, sending shivers down your spine, and leaving you breathless, nasmore releases the intoxicating new song ‘Welcome To The Hell’.”

“It is a hypnotic track, with a very intense charge, it is to give the volume, get comfortable and let flow all that energy that transimposes the song. It has passages of deep synthesizers, strong guitars with good distortion and a work of voices that will conquer your ears from the start.”

“There are some really interesting drum patterns and percussions within the song, with a very industrial feel. Welcome To The Hell makes great use of combining lo-fi electronic drums with a real kit to separate out sections. Overall, the track has a real Scandinavian metal feel to it. There are moments we were reminded of Within Temptation as well. The Steve Vai-like guitar solo is to die for, and with the female vocals “wailing” over the top of it, this creates an exciting crescendo which leads back into the chorus. Whether this song is your thing or not (and it is most definitely ours), you simply have to listen to the end: a cat meow! We don’t know why, but it brought a wonderful touch of humour to an otherwise dark and dystopian serious song. Welcome To The Hell is the second release we’ve reviewed from Nasmore and shows remarkable versatility and creativity. An intense and anthemic song which we 100% recommend.”

“nasmore’s latest, ‘Welcome to the Hell’ is a haunting and atmospheric blend of industrial rock/metal alongside slight moments of more contemporary pop, with a driving riff, towering drums, and a scintillating electric solo that set the stage for a chorus that slams you down with verve and impact like few others. The lyrics explore the idea of being trapped in a cycle of self-destruction and the feeling of being pulled into the darkness. It’s a raw and emotional track that takes the listener on a cathartic and visceral journey through some of the darker corners of the human experience. Overall, “Welcome to Hell” is a powerful and deeply affecting track that showcases nasmore’s talent as an artist capable of arranging stadium rock worthy tunes that almost necessitate a massive and grandiose setting. Truly inescapably magnificent in style and stature.”

“We are in awe of the mix which is crisp, dynamic and immersive, allowing the potent message of the song to really come to life! The melodies are super unique and we can certainly imagine Welcome to the Hell being featured in a blockbuster movie or Netflix series.”

“nasmore know how to write a great rock song. But to perform it to such a standard is a completely different game all together. The chords, their harmonies, the bass and its climb, the drum pattern, tone and texture, all blend with the vocals that shine together. It is rare to have a duet in metal where both vocals feel completely necessary, but here they do. They pick each other up and highlight each other in the gloom. It's combative and collaborative and it's huge. ‘Welcome to the Hell!,’ what a rush.”

““Welcome to the Hell,” the new single by the eclectic Canadian pop maestro known as nasmore, taps into his unique sonic formula: an amalgam of stadium rock, goth-industrial textures, modern R&B and cinematic scores. This track is a collaboration between nasmore and two amazing artists: Neil Taylor and La Strange. There is so much chemistry going on here, and the emotional impact that drives “Welcome to the Hell” is absolutely undeniable. Neil playing on Tears for Fears’ album Songs from the Big Chair, including “Everybody Wants To Rule the World,” is part of music history. A former member of new wave legends Tears for Fears and Robbie Williams band and a long-term collaborator with stars like Tina Turner, Chris De Burgh, Natalie Imbruglia, Metallica, Kylie Minogue, and more, Neil wastes little time in making his contribution to the new song heard, lashing out with gritty dazzling vocals and fierce guitar licks that perfectly mingle with La Strange’s beautiful and yet p”

“The song starts with tribal chanting like vocals from La Strange backed by deep synth drawing the listener in while painting the picture of hell, Neil comes in with his flawless and expressive voice completing the dark atmosphere of the song. In contrast, La Strange has a very powerful voice that captivates the listener even more, thus creating a perfect combination between the vocalists. The uncommon progression of the song lacking the standard verse and chorus format gives it an unpredictable and continuous feeling making it as I stated before a dynamic trip, which only can be perfected by nasmore’s unique and amazing production. Aside from Neil’s significant vocal performance, he also plays heavy guitar riffs and melodic guitar licks. The song is so addictive that even when it ends, the words “welcome to the hell” ring in your ears, making you want to listen to it all over again.”

“My sound is quite modern, with a hint of the 90s. Critics say my style is quite cinematic and seamlessly blends all the best elements of pop, hip-hop, indie rock, R&B, and classical music. I think it is eccentric and moody, romantic and lovely, but mostly dark, intense, eerie, and poignant. Lyrically, it is not a happy music type, but I hope it motivates and gets under your skin. I hope it triggers people’s imagination and makes them feel like their lives are a movie, and I think people like that. It takes them away from mundane matters.”

“Do you have messages that you like to get across in your music, if so please tell me about them? Yes, lots of messages. They could be serious, philosophical in nature, humorous and ironic, or totally hilarious. "You can't take all your gold to your grave. You are not a pharaoh. And until now, you have left nothing behind." – hey, stop chasing artificial goals and do something really tangible about your life and the people around you. Or "I know you feel the pain. But it's gotta change. Everything is gonna work out." "I feel optimistic about the future, though. You can take a ride with me."”

“One of the greatest songs with the most gorgeous music video I’ve recently seen is “When Will I Learn.” The words of this song have a beautiful tune and are lyrical but honest. The guitar solo combined with the vocalists’ special touch really makes the song come to life. The song sounds even more beautiful and delicate because of the excellent instruments and production.”

“A well-crafted post-grunge cut that is fresh, fierce, and wonderfully relatable, ‘When Will I Learn’ is an anthem for anyone fighting with loss, regret, and remorse. Arriving as a seminal new addition to nasmore’s ever-growing catalogue, ‘When Will I Learn’ is a sensational EP with the power to fill stadiums, win hearts, and have a crowd of thousands holding out their lighters and singing along in celebration. Join nasmore, Cris Hodges, and Neil Taylor as they combine their talents into a monumental moment in time & deliver an anthem stocked & loaded with single-worthy sound that’ll shake the walls around you. With unparalleled passion & emotional intensity that hits hard in all the right ways, “When Will I Learn” creates a resounding impact through both its words and music that is as unforgettable as songs can be.”

“Recently, nasmore had struck gold when working with vocalist Cris Hodges, carving out a series of unique epics, but on his new single, he’s pushed the partnership even further, adding to their winning formula with the howling guitar of Neil Taylor. His playing on ‘Tears for Fears’ album Songs from the Big Chair including “Everybody Wants To Rule the World” is part of music history. A former member of new wave legends Tears for Fears and Robbie Williams band, and a long-term collaborator with stars like Tina Turner, Chris De Bourgh, and Natalie Imbruglia, Neil wastes little time in making his contribution to the new song heard, lashing out with fierce guitar licks that perfectly mingle with Cris’ rough, expressive vocals.”

“nasmore (che riportiamo minuscolo come da sua volontà) non è certo estraneo al successo. L'artista, cantautore e solista canadese ha scelto di imbarcarsi in questa avventura avvalendosi dell'aiuto di due grandissimi artisti e il risultato ha guadagnato qualità data dall'incontro fra sensibilità artistiche ed esperienze differenti. "When Will I Learn" è un inno per chiunque stia combattendo con la perdita, il rimpianto e il rimorso. È facile amare immediatamente un brano che ha una grande coesione degli strumenti e della melodia, ma quando i testi vogliono raggiungere il grado di intensità e suscitare le emozioni qui espresse, allora una sana ossessione per la canzone è legittima. "When Will I Learn" è una canzone riconoscibile, coraggiosa, incisivo ed emozionante. Progettata con dinamiche potenti che si trasformano con precisione chirurgica attraverso una malinconia minacciosa, strumentazione e voci live-wire che emettono un calore che è un regalo direttamente dal passato.”

“Drawing us in with cerebral, panning frequencies, rippling drum riffs, and vibrant electric guitars, nasmore opens When Will I Learn with intrigue, dimensionality and the situational lyrics, “A rose in my left hand, feet on a park bench, time is an old friend, so I sit and wait, she appears in the darkness, a red dressed harlot…” The opus expands into an epic grunge meets 90s rock energy, and we are obsessed. Speaking on the release nasmore says, “Some songs make you cry, and some songs you just skip forward, but some songs motivate you enough to join a crowd of thousands holding out their lighters and singing along in celebration. Hope this is one of them.” When Will I Learn is the result of collaboration with Cris Hodges and Neil Taylor (a former member of Tears for Fears, Robbie Williams’ band and a long-term collaborator with stars like Tina Turner, Metallica, and Natalie Imbruglia), and we cannot get enough of his epic guitar solo!”

“nasmore burns the bridge between past and present with his darkly powerful new single and video When Will I Learn — showcasing today on Tinnitist. Fuelled by fired-up musicianship — including a sensational guitar solo from ace axe-man Neil Taylor — and topped with the serious punch of Cris Hodges, nasmore delivers a hard-rock epic in every sense with When Will I Learn. Pushing boundaries with a dynamic sound that layers ever-evolving atmospherics with richly melodic backing, the track is an anthem for anyone fighting with loss, regret, and remorse.”

“Like many of us, Nasmore is a dreamer. Only he took those wild ideas and started to make them a reality. We kicked off this back and forth with this self-taught artist going back a couple of years. It’s there the wheels started to really take a turn for the best and in time, we got to his latest single, “When Will I Learn.” We talked about the music, the collaborations, and more with the one and only Nasmore.”

“My eardrums have been captivated with the sound of nasmore’s hard rock number ‘When Will I Learn’. I was blown away by the guitar portions of this track, from the solos to the crunchy rhythm section. Everything felt like a love letter to early 2000s grunge rock and a bit of nu-metal too. Cris Hodges, and Neil Taylor also accompany nasmore in this song. The song has two versions, the original, and another rendition where singing is replaced by a poetry recitation. The latter sounds more gothic, and made me feel like it was an ode to Dracula’s origin or something. The singer’s voice cascades onto the music with magnificent force. From the high notes to lower notes, it all sounds so polished and melodious. The guitar’s tone is sharp and absolutely EPIC!”

““When Will I Learn” is one of those songs that’s here to stay. It is well-crafted, arranged and written with the perfect choice of collaborators as Neil Taylor’s solo was a key moment ending the song on a high note, while Cris Hodges’ extremely expressive vocals added a lot of energy and brought the lyrics to life. “When Will I Learn” shows Nasmore’s extreme musicianship and his clear vision and abilities to create a banger hit that’ll live for long. Wishing Nasmore the best of luck and looking forward to more, cheers!”

“If you want an insight into why “When Will I Learn”, by Canadian composer and musician, nasmore, sounds the way it does, look no further than the track’s features. nasmore has once again brought in the magnificent voice of Cris Hodges to handle lead vocals, and also extended an invite to legendary guitarist Neil Taylor whose credits include Tears for Fears, Robbie Williams, Tina Turner, Metallica, Kylie Minogue, Phil Collins, and Chris De Burg. As expected, right off the cuff, the production is on par with any big budget modern pop-rock release, which makes for an incredible experience when listening in good headphones or a nice home theater system. The powerful lyrical content is also in line with what we’ve all come to expect from a nasmore release.”

““When Will I Learn,” a well-crafted post-grunge track that is fresh, strong, and beautifully relevant, is an ode for anybody dealing with loss, regret, and guilt. The song’s lyrics tell the narrative of a guy planning to leap from a bridge until a mystery lady convinces him to form lasting relationships and carry on. Only when you listen carefully do you realize how powerful it is and what the song has been attempting to convey all along. It’s a song to find yourself falling for it all in no time because of the complexity and texture.”

“Designed with powerful dynamics that morph and transition with surgical precision through brooding moodiness, melodic serenity, and live-wire instrumentation & vocals that crank out heat hot enough to melt your speakers – “When Will I Learn” burns the bridges between the past & the present. The album comes with a music story that immerses the listener into the song’s world full of mystery, wisdom, and feelings. Twisting through a story expertly crafted as only a songwriter like nasmore can, no quarter is spared in telling a tale of the harsh reciprocal effects of karma. From devastating emotions to insightful lyricism, nasmore’s penchant to dare to tackle issues & themes that others are afraid to address directly makes songs like “When Will I Learn” as hauntingly relatable as they are. Fueled by fired-up musicianship, their skills combined together as one creates an epic experience so vivid, sensory & real that it’s more than memorable – it’s like you lived it.”

“Anthemic music almost always immediately touches you right in the center of your heart and that’s exactly what happens when you hear “ When Will I Learn” from Nasmore. The introduction makes you turn your your head and say “hold up, what is this?” It’s an immediate bop. I may be a bit biased being a fan of Nasmore. However, Nasmore deserves each line of praise from curators across the globe. Following their toe-tapping track ‘When Will I Learn’, the production on this track is on such a high level that it’s damn near immeasurable. “When Will I Learn” is a song for anyone fighting with loss, regret, and remorse. When Will I Learn is a song where everything seems to be in the right place. The arrangements are highly sought after, the vocal interpretation is sincere and direct.”

“You can’t help but to admire a solo artist, it shows the dedication to want to be something great despite everyone else. Nasmore does it all. The world is, thankfully, filled with so much talent it’s hard to keep up. Flip that coin over and you’ll also find an equal amount of mediocrity across the board. And it’s a good thing he has found his way here on Ace of swords blog with his latest release dubbed when will I learn This is a great melodic, high energy tune from Nasmore. I love this simple energy, the mood, and the balance of straight-up melodic pop energy. You can feel that creative drive in the kit hitting hard on the back and forth in life and other doings of man, regrets, failure, disappointment and kept questioning that “when will I learn?”.”

“The Canadian solo artist is clearly one of the greats but even sometimes the greatest artists have help, for this track he received help from vocalist Cris Hodges and guitarist Neil Taylor. Instantly when you play the track, the unison of the drums and guitar brings you in, the post grunge track is sure to bring out your inner 2000s emo. “When Will I Learn” is an anthem for anyone fighting with loss, regret, and remorse. It’s easy to love a track that has great cohesion of the instruments but when the lyrics match that intensity and brings up emotions then that makes a track worthy of a healthy obsession. nasmore should now be at the top of your list as a favorite artist, he has been making music that is special and lyrically makes you feel less alone. Feeling like you’re seen and heard from an artist that has a following as large as his is quite hard to achieve but nasmore does that with his music.”

“Every so often I’m introduced to a musician, and immediately I yearn for whatever they have next. My introduction to them is one that solidifies me as a fan. I feel an immediate kinship to the music that’s permeating my ears. Well, ‘When Will I Learn’ is most definitely a qualifier for being a song that fits into that category, and nasmore has earned a place in my headspace as I eagerly look forward for whatever comes next from this outstanding collection of musical maestros. Nasmore on this track alone absolutely screams talent. He exudes top caliber musicianship cultivating a masterpiece that belongs blaring out of the loudest speakers in the largest stadium that one could find. The production on this track is on such a high level that it’s damn near immeasurable. The expert assembly of all the intricate pieces that play a part in this song is something to behold. The topic of the narrative within the song is also one for the ages. It tackles concepts of reciprocation.”

“nasmore combines forces with vocalist Cris Hodges and guitarist Neil Taylor in his new EP, creating the unbeatable and all-powerful track that is When Will I Learn. Over the last couple of years, nasmore has experimented with many different styles, collecting a substantial number of streams and followers along the way. He is now back with an anthem made for the biggest of stadiums and largest of crowds. The two-track EP starts with a conversation, an epic tale about karma and its ways. “Jumping off that bridge sure is very seductive…” the narrator says to she is who is ready to jump, but “you haven’t done enough in your life to be allowed to go now.” Karma will only come to those who have earned it. The woman eventually gets off the bridge and turns away with a new take on life and goal in mind: live life to the fullest and karma will come as a reward. The narrative smoothly transitions into the next song, When Will I Learn.”

“When Will I Learn is an anthem for anyone fighting with loss, regret, and remorse. It is a powerful and emotional performance from all involved and it absolutely gripped us from start to finish. Beginning almost ominously with thunderous toms, the vocals that come in are breathy, passionate and extremely well controlled. As the song progresses, Hodges, shows his remarkable versatility on vocals with some world class belt moments that were enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. The incidental guitar between vocals early on in the song is classy and well placed, with an excellent tone. There are moments that the track has a slightly Scorpions feel to it. The rise and fall within When Will I Learn is really quite something. The rising and rising chorus was positively euphoric and truly an emotional performance.”

“Known for his ever-evolving style, Canada-based musician and producer nasmore is a bit of an enigma. With his music soaring across the blogosphere over the past two years, nasmore has been featured in Find No Enemy, PaKo Music Magazine and numerous playlists. Using powerful dynamics and arrangements, the talented artist brings listeners a sense of serenity wrapped in atmospheric tones. The latest addition to his well-received discography is the track ‘When Will I Learn’. While ‘When Will I Learn’ can capture your heart with its melody, it is the emotional connection with audiences that shows true depth. Hodges’ rich, bold vocals intoxicate you with hard-hitting passion. Interestingly, while the track layers fierce guitars and pounding drums into a kaleidoscopic soundscape, it also exudes vulnerability. Touching on issues like loss, regret and remorse, nasmore creates a tune that is not only relatable but intensely intimate. I can easily see this track being played live at a f”

“Canadian music producer, singwriter, and composer nasmore has released a fiery rock single with When Will I Learn. It features ace LA vocalist Cris Hodges whose prolific range includes rock, pop, metal, R&B, and electronic music. The song also features legendary nasmore’s regular collaborator, session guitarist Neil Taylor who has played with artists like Robbie Williams, Tears for Fears, Tina Turner, James Morrison among other. His playing on Tear for Fears album Songs from the Big Chair including Everybody Wants To Rule is part of music history. With such stunning musicians at the helm you just can’t go wrong.”

“Perhaps in some moments the voice and the melodic line reminded me of Bon Jovi. An intense rock that manages to give birth to images of distant memories before your eyes. Do you remember the scene of Silvester Stallone when in Rocky 3, not knowing who he was anymore, he decides to drive aimlessly around the city. Try to think for a moment if there was this song as the soundtrack of that scene … absolutely perfect in my opinion. When Will I Learn is a vigorous song that can deeply touch the listener. Another time Nasmore demonstrates his great qualities. His artistic vision is solid and his artistic taste is very developed. He was able to give me another great moment of music. When Will I Learn is Nasmore’s Single Out Now!”

“It is impossible to imagine a track like “Safe in my Dreams” (ft. Maltesse) failing to ignite a listener’s fancy, regardless of genre preference. This is music that transcends genre boxing. In the instant that Maltesse introduces the enchanting melody with her smooth and soulful croon, the auditory magic becomes absolutely mesmerizing. Moreover, it’s nasmore’s mastery at molding the instrumental and melodic elements, as he blends the essential with the embellishing, along with his instinctive control of mood and nuance, that makes this track so hypnotic. Again, the lyrical narrative is an indispensable part of the song, which draws us into a dark and haunting dreamscape of contrasting distinctions between love and loss, as well as the essence of reality and imaginary. The most awe-inducing moments arrive with Maltesse’s stunning vocal interpretation of these elements.”

“nasmore delivers again, with the “Adrenalin Storm” EP, drawing upon a global collection of genres like pop, rock and hip-hop, and molding them into a track that feels distinctly original and visceral. The choice and blending of nasmore’s vocal features is a key feature throughout his rich catalog, and is no less important on this recording. The music creator chooses his collaborations carefully and here adds the immense talents of Cris Hodges, who has an almost infinite vocal range, as well as the stunning spitting skills of Beau. Together, these three are like a breath of fresh air for the music scene. nasmore really challenges the music industry by genre weaving and creating a sonic blend that will leave most breathless.”

“‘Safe in My Dreams’ yawns open, leading you to the beautifully dark tones of the piano line. There is something about this piano line that reaches into your chest and lightly squeezes your heart. As the strings enter, you are drawn into an elegant and rich soundscape. While there is an undeniable richness to the sound, there is also a floating feeling. This floating is interesting because it carries a sense of detachment like you are seeing something through a foggy window and can’t reach the other side. Halfway through the single, the melody takes a darker turn as rock vibrations join the richness. It is a rather epic melody that holds you in place and makes you want to continue listening. The blend of dark and rich is utterly perfect as is the fusion of cinematic flows and dark-pop sensibilities.”

“Safe in my Dreams’ is the latest single to come from Nasmore and is a beautiful Pop ballad that will fill your morning with brilliantly dynamic energy. The song starts off with a swelling syntheszier that the leads the listener into a dark melody that ultimately takes the listener into the main vocal line of the song. This track is a collaborative project with vocals done by Dana Miuccia and guitars by Neil Taylor. We really feel that as far as synergy is concerned, these three really mesh well together and have created a track that is immensely cohesive. When we were able to speak with Nasmore a little more about the meaning of the song, he explained to us that the song, “Captures the evocative feelings of losing those we hold close, and the icy cold contrast of what life is like alone in the aftermath.” We really love everything about this song and will be adding it to our Chill Collection playlist, so be sure to check it out!”

“Accordi di pianoforte che ti entrano dentro già dal primo ascolto. "Safe in my Dreams" non è solo un semplice brano ma un vero e proprio viaggio musicale dentro se stessi. Già dopo i primi minuti si viene catapultati in un'esperienza spirituale, avventurosa, naturale, sensazioni che solo un arrangiamento di talento sono in grado di regalare. Il progetto nasce grazia alla collaborazione con Dana Miuccia e Neil Taylor mescolando quindi diversi talenti musicali e rendendo questo lavoro di eccellente rivelazione. Un vero esperimento di sensazioni ed emozioni, la dimostrazione che la musica può davvero tutto, se la si fa con creatività. E Nasmore di creatività ne ha davvero tanta oltre che abilità e originalità.”

“Piano chords and a deep female voice as if from elsewhere, the title Safe in my dreams transports us away from our daily train. The artist Nasmore makes us discover a chimerical universe elsewhere of reality. This Canadian gives us the impression of finding ourselves at the heart of the Twilight saga, where we could fall in love with this tortured werewolf human. Safe In my Dreams is a great collaboration with Dana Miuccia and Neil Taylor. Music is defined in a musical genre between contemporary pop and cinematics. A very beautiful musical discovery that thanks to a unique style gives us the impression of living a fantastic saga straight out of our cult films. This title is a realization and a production that will not suffer from lack of taste, Nasmore knows how to impose himself in the best way. Without further ado, immerse yourself in Nasmore's acoustic musical universe with his latest publication In my dreams.”

““If you love something, set it free,” they say, but it never makes the experience of loving any easier. Canadian artist/producer nasmore’s ever-evolving, shape-shifting style and collaborative efforts have yielded an extraordinary set of new singles released over the last two years – and before you know it, he’ll be dropping one new exquisite cut that delves into delicate sensory sound for a dramatic step to his success. “Safe In My Dreams” is a subtly expressive and bold venture into the heart of what makes love real, and the astounding lengths we’ll go to try to keep it intact. It explores the intensity of isolation, absorbs the devastation of loss, and finds more comfort in life when his eyes are closed than when he’s awake.”

““Safe In My Dreams” is as hauntingly beautiful as it is weird to listen to. It wonderfully conveys the vivid sentiments of losing someone we hold dear and the freezing cold contrast of what life is like alone in the aftermath. Nasmore’s gripping lyricism reveals stunningly poetic set words that echo emotions, thoughts, and feelings that are powerfully moving & relatable to anyone who has ever had the privilege of spending time building a life with someone special, only to witness everything crumble & disappear into thin air. The new track “Safe In My Dreams,” which travels like a ghost seeing his life from a distance, takes listeners on a trip through what may have been but now will never be.”

“Dark & cinematic, nasmore’s ‘Safe in my Dreams’ wouldn’t feel out of place in a montage sequence of a brooding thriller film. Described as ‘James Bond themed’, it’s not hard to see where that inspiration has gone into the music. Featuring hauntingly beautiful vocals from Dana Miuccia, the track provides the listener with an almost surrealist and wholly bewitching experience as they go through the ever building tension behind that ever so emotively expressive piano backing. The song so perfectly captures that feeling of losing hold of those we keep close to us alongside the flipside of being left alone amidst the cold darkness without our loved ones. It feels like a track from a spirit left behind us, an ethereal and ghostly tune that’s equal parts frightening and touching. A sweet spot that’s uniquely captured.”

“nasmore is clearly an icon, delivering high end multi-genre and multi-dimensional tracks that are irresistible to the ear! Exploring the intensity of isolation, absorbing the devastation of loss, and finding more comfort in life when his eyes are closed than when he’s awake, Safe In My Dreams is a subtly expressive and bold venture into the heart of what makes love real, and the “astounding lengths of which we’ll go to try to keep it intact”. We have added Safe In My Dreams to our New Music Spotlight and continue streaming the recent songs that nasmore has been releasing!”

“What made you decide to become a musician? Long story short, I think I grew up too fast. I was a 5-year-old kid when our family friend, a conservatory for performing arts professor, discovered a perfect pitch in me and the tendency to feel and understand the music. Based on her recommendations, I was sent to a special music school where I received formal and comprehensive musical education from the age of 5 until I turned 17. After school, my career had a 90-degree turn, away from music and into the IT world, and it’s been so until late 2020 when I felt that I had lots to “say” in musical terms. I attribute it to the pandemic, lockdowns, and the need to keep active.”

“Titled ‘#the_deal’, the new single, and his second of the year is a hard-hitting, rock-infused, rap anthem that perfectly showcases his creativity and composition. Teaming up with the brilliant RyanMusiq, with whom he has previously worked on multiple singles, nasmore has created a magical release, layering beats, chords, and lyrics together in perfect harmony.”

“Nasmore is a composer, songwriter, and music producer from Canada. He loves experimenting with different styles and techniques and works together with great singers and musicians all over the world.”

“On ne vous présente plus nasmore, l’artiste habitué de nos lignes depuis un certains temps et qui ne cesse de nous surprendre. Aujourd’hui on retombe amoureux de sa musique et de sa versatilité hors norme à l’écoute de son catchy « Let’s Get Freaky ». Le titre vibrant fait preuve d’une créativité incomparable et brouille la frontière des genres. Une pop-dance aux couleurs rétro et sur fond subtil de rock, vous entrerez inexorablement dans une danse incontrôlée. La ligne de chant moderne et savoureuse créée un contraste des plus savoureux avec cette instrumentation aux couleurs sonores multiples.”

“With an authentic style that seamlessly blends all the best elements of hip-hop, rock, and R&B, nasmore has been winning over fans and critics alike, and now, with the release of his latest collaborative single titled ‘#the_deal’, he created a magical release, layering beats, chords, and lyrics together in perfect harmony.”

“With every step he takes he aims to push his creative boundaries further still. His authenticity as an artist has allowed him to seamlessly flow between the best elements of pop, hip hop, rock, R&B and even classical styles. One of his recent collaborations comes with his new single titled “#the_deal” which sees nasmore work with RyanMusiq. Delivering another hard hitting rap rock piece, on “#the_deal” nasmore creates a punchy modern anthem full of energy and powerful vocals with catchy hooks.”

“Le titre le plus surprenant de la semaine est sans aucun doute « Mind in a Maze » de nasmore, dans lequel on retrouve également la voix de RyanMusiq. Il serai indécent de le labelliser dans une seule catégorie tant il explore la musique dans toute sa splendeur, et de manière homogène : tout un programme ! Des accords pop, des guitares rocks, une ligne de chant de RyanMusiq tintée de RNB et une performance électrifiante de nasmore, c’est un voyage inédit à travers les sonorités qu’offre le morceau. Grandiose, « Mind in a Maze » vous transportera inexorablement du début à la fin.”

“In 2021 he released a series of stunning instrumental singles. As he continued to morph, shape, and refine his talent – nasmore made an even more pivotal decision in the direction of his music-career to recruit guest-stars, and he began a collaborative process that soon became an essential part of the profound joy he discovered within the creative realm.”

“A Canadian rapper and artist who has been making a name for himself with singles like 'Adrenaline Storm', 'Mind in a Maze',' ‘Say Goodbye’ and ‘Let’s Get Freaky’, nasmore is arguably one of the sharpest talents on the independent scene. With an authentic style that seamlessly blends all the best elements of hip-hop, rock, and R&B, nasmore has been winning over fans and critics alike, and now, with the release of his latest collaborative single, we’re proud to help shine a light on his unique sound. Titled ‘#the_deal’, the new single, and his second of the year is a hard-hitting, rock-infused, rap anthem that perfectly showcases his creativity and composition. Teaming up with the brilliant RyanMusiq, with whom he has previously worked on multiple singles, nasmore has created a magical release, layering beats, chords, and lyrics together in perfect harmony.”

“I had to work hard. Do lots of research and planning. Build my network of friends and colleagues. Always keep my mind open. Learn-learn-learn and learn again. If hard to understand, then just memorize this: “YOU ARE NOT GENIUS.” And be prepared for all kinds of failures because you WILL fail, so you better have a plan.”

“A Canadian rapper and artist who has been making a name for himself with singles like ‘Say Goodbye’ and ‘Let’s Get Freaky’, nasmore is arguably one of the sharpest talents on the independent scene. With an authentic style that seamlessly blends all the best elements of hip-hop, rock, and R&B, nasmore has been winning over fans and critics alike, and now, with the release of his latest collaborative single, we’re proud to help shine a light on his unique sound. Titled ‘#the_deal’, the new single, and his second of the year is a hard-hitting, rock-infused, rap anthem that perfectly showcases his creativity and composition. Teaming up with the brilliant RyanMusiq, with whom he has previously worked on multiple singles, nasmore has created a magical release, layering beats, chords, and lyrics together in perfect harmony.”

“Avec un esprit exploratoire et aventureux, un formidable ensemble de compétences naturelles et le courage d'expérimenter tout et n'importe quoi de nouveau pour lui, Nasmore a développé un goût authentique pour la diversité qu'il a instantanément infusé dans son propre processus unique. Décidant au tout début de sa carrière de garder ses options ouvertes à toutes les opportunités dans le but de créer une musique pas comme les autres, la polyvalence spectaculaire du son de nasmore ne connaît aucune limite.”

“I recently featured several tracks by nasmore in a round-up review and playlist of music by Canadian artists. He’s got an amazingly diverse sound, so naturally, I wanted to find out more! You can find all the tracks at the end of this interview too!”

“O músico impossível de ser rotulado em um gênero, Nasmore, acaba de lançar seu novo single, #The_ideal é impressionante. Estamos fascinados pelo no hit do Nasmore, somos grandes admiradores do trabalho do artista não vamos negar, mas dessa vez ele caprichou ainda mais. A nova música de trabalho é uma mistura gostosa de rap, pop, hip hop e Rock, impressionante o como Nasmore consegue montar uma faixa que cabe tantos gêneros nela, assim ele entrega uma canção de gênero próprio, o dele. Algo único e irreverente. A faixa é forte, poderosa e nos faz viajar, a traz inspiração, mexe com a gente, despertando desejos e ideias em nossa mente, é uma música sensorial, enérgica que transborda talento. Se quiser buscar referências tente montar na sua mente o que seria um misto de Justino Timberlake, Linkin Park e Eminem, com um belo toque de uma personalidade própria. Isso é Nasmore, incrível, genial, criativo e grande revelação da música mundial.”

““I can’t hide emotions / Just don’t know where we’re going / My hearts out in the open / Lately I’m feeling lonely”. As the track progresses, distorted guitar riffs take centre stage along with energetic drum rhythms. With effective transitions and a lot of intricately produced elements, “#the_deal” is one of those tracks that grabs your attention till the very end! nasmore continues talking about how he wants to keep things real and honest in his relationships. He is clear about how important transparency is to him, and actually wants to know the “real” parts of a person – “Want you to open up / Show me your deeper side”. With over 15 singles out since 2021, nasmore has constantly delivered stunning performances and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to stop anytime soon! ‘#the_deal’ is another superb addition to the rapper’s discography, and I’m sure fans will be eager to hear more from him soon!”

“There are artists who always surprise us with their way of making music and bring us a mix of sounds and textures that leave us speechless. It's surprising that they prove to be a point out of the curve with striking songs that make us embark on a melodic journey. This is the case of Nasmore who has just released his new single “#The_Deal” which is a masterful work that deserves our full attention. With painstaking care, the singer has produced this magnificent work that exceeds all expectations. Nasmore tells us that despite having countless songs in the world that talk about love, the one he wrote is more daring, as it goes deep into difficult parts of relationships. She has more authenticity, and he makes it clear that he doesn't have time for frivolous, superficial compromises. The artist also says how much sacrifice there is in the search for love. It is clear here that talking about such a common topic can generate unexpected but reflexive triggers.”

“Mind in a Maze features vocals from RyanMusiq and lends itself to is a cinematic ands bold odyssey, almost reminiscent of early Linkin Park with a contemporary rock-pop fusion. We love the drums and guitar and fearless energy of the track that dives into the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that build us up and break us down. Lyrical highlights from the opening include, “I run away just to get found, underground and the truth still slips out“, “they never tore down the temples, it’s just a new coat of paint“, and the powerful chorus hook “is the sick man sane or do the sane get sicker?“ The narrative of the song evolves with additional introspective lyricism and wisdom questioning the evolution of our species. The ambitious four minute song also features a rap verse and polished outro-breakdown.”

“Tell us a few things about your new songs ‘Mind In A Maze’ and ‘Adrenaline Storm’. What is the main idea behind them? I have a passion for psychology, and that’s what inspires me. At the end of the day, music is a psychological tool. It appeals to your brain, and it can make you laugh; it can make you cry; it can make you angry and motivate you. Both songs are quite meaningful and both come with the strong message. In a way, “Mind in a maze” is a tribute to Dan Brown’s novels – “The Da Vinci Code”, “Angels and Demons”, “Inferno”. Lots of dark history, pointing to the roots of religion and driven by psychology and current state of the mind. It is a thought-provoking cathartic art expressed as a song. A mix of pop-rock with rap, “Adrenaline Storm” is a reflection to what is happening to all of us since this pandemic started.”

“Collaborating once again with singer Cris Hodges and rapper Beaux, ‘Adrenaline Storm’ transitions from hip-hop to alternative rock and hard rock effortlessly. Opening with a simplistic piano, you would assume this to be a soft ballad, however, you could not be further from the truth. Along with the acoustic piano are dynamic guitars and pounding drums incorporating an electronic heaviness with soothing classical instrumentation. I find this particularly enjoyable as I can get my rock fix along with melodic metal and some softer piano undertones. The melody is definitely noteworthy, but it is the lyrical content and arrangement that highlights the evocative nature of ‘Adrenaline Storm’. Touching on the turbulent emotions people experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic, ‘Adrenaline Storm’ explores frustration, isolation, anger and turmoil.”

““Say Goodbye” by ‘Nasmore’ is a love and relationship song, appealing to anyone what is or was in love and had relationship issues and challenges. Designed as a 20’s pop song but with some elements of light melodic rap, Say Goodbye dives right into chorus and keeps the listener hooked throughout the rest of the song. Discover that the 15th February in Formula Indie”

“Always an adventurous soul, with an exploratory heart he paired his natural talents with his courage to experiment to create new and original music of his own style. Refusing to be boxed into any one particular genre or sound, he’s used his versatility to constantly evolve as an artist with each release. Now he brings us his latest single and once again links with both previous collaborative artists to create an all-star line up for his new track “Adrenaline Storm”. A blistering sound of alternative rap rock with bags of commercial appeal and cutting edge production lays the tone for the new track. An edgy and wildly melodic combination that infuses the bold vocals of Hodges with the insightful conscious Hip-Hop style of Beaux alongside nasmore’s diverse, hard-hitting versatility in the production, “Adrenaline Storm” is a magnificent hybrid that is powerfully relevant, highly relatable, and 100% real.”

“Combine a strong instrumentation presence along with impactful lyrics to get a moving song such as “Adrenaline Storm.” Its dramatic sound is alluring, leaving the listener hanging on the edge of their seat. The well-composed track comprises melodic keys, energetic beats, and distorted guitar parts that blend perfectly. For such a powerful song, the vocals and lyrics need to match, as well — and they did! Hodges sings with passion and power in his vocals and the rapping elevates the song’s seriousness. “Adrenaline Storm” is the perfect song to listen to, especially since it’s a new year and we are still in a pandemic and have limits on our social life. Despite the chaos and the worries, the track reminds us that everything will be alright and to keep hanging in there. Nasmore didn’t fail to impress his listeners and came into the new year with a banger.”

“O cantor e compositor canadense Nasmore, acaba de lançar seu novo single Mind in Maze a união deliciosa de ritmos. Nasmore é genial, indie de categoria única, uma mistura de folk, pop, rap, rock e hip hop, é possível imaginar isso? Pois não precisamos ficar só na imaginação, o artista entre essa experiência por completo em sua nova faixa de trabalho. A faixa mostra todo poder de criação e talentos de nasmore, ele transita facilmente e de forma confortável e gostosa entre gêneros deixando o ouvinte admirado. A voz do artista combina perfeitamente com a melodia e consegue também trazer familiaridade para quem escuta, é inevitável não adorar a voz dele.”

“nasmore has had a very popular sprint on Spotify as an artist. His single Say Goodbye has a lot of streams, and I don’t blame people for putting it on repeat. It’s catchy as all heck, and utilizes nasmore’s skill as a composer to the maximum. He’s reached out with his tentacles to all the genres that made him the music lover that he is. Adrenaline Storm features a rocking background that goes through several variations. Using a solid beat and some popular pop song punches, he lays out a simple yet powerful score. Cris Hodges and beaux do their part, with some great vocals that sprinkle the track with just enough flavor in some parts. In some parts, they soar like a previously caged bird, exploring and soaring to heights that give the song all the energy they would want and expect. nasmore must be extremely happy with the result.”

“The production is flawless and this song is an incredible injection of energy. I recommend it to start the day with the right sprint … as the title says it is an Adrenaline Storm. In my opinion, this artist is mature enough to be known by the masses around the world. Nasmore always offers well-produced and masterfully performed music and frankly, I believe that there are no limits to his success.”

““Adrenaline Storm” has such an impactful energy that the urge to press play again at its end is great. In its little more than three minutes, nasmore made an interesting mix of Rock and Rap. For this, he invited singers from the two styles that have worked with him, Cris Hodges and rapper Beaux. nasmore managed to extract the best of both singers, with Cris' strong vocals in highly melodic lines and Beaux's groove, which with an instrumental musical curtain manages to give an air of genius mastery to the song. In the end, we have a highly powerful song that will delight fans of both styles. As it is also radiophonic, it should have a stupendous reach throughout 2022. Lyrically, the song addresses the challenges that have arisen in us due to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“Adrenaline Storm is a cleverly assembled composition that includes all the vital elements of several complementary music genres. You may stumble upon sonic ingredients such as rap, electronic music, indie rock, alternative rock, alternative metal, and hard rock. The track possesses well-arranged segments that build the atmosphere through dynamic beats, sub-basses, melodic keys, and distorted guitar shreds. This release also includes an instrumental composition, so Adrenaline Storm acts as a double single worth checking out. You can listen to it on all streaming platforms.”

“The vast majority of the songs I’ve heard from him since he started droppin’em online, have revealed an artist with a whole lot of heavy things weighing in on his mind, but the courage to speak up about what he’s been going through as well…and ultimately, that’s giving him every opportunity to connect with YOU. For you see dear readers, dear friends – there’s a very solid chance you’ll find a lot of what nasmore chooses to write about is highly relatable, real, and very close to home…personal songs that cast an even wider net to catch & captivate us all through substantial material that has genuine meaning – that’s what we’re talkin’ about. And then every once in a while he’ll pump out a tune like “Let’s Get Freaky” to mix it up thematically & add a lil’ late-night mischief & fun too – just like I told ya on the SBS Podcast, the man goes where the music takes him, and his attention to detail has been second to none.”

“‘Say Goodbye’ is an emotional Pop track with hints of Rock that we feel is the perfect song to start your day off with. The song opens up with dramatic rain FX that sets a deep and moody atmosphere right form the jump. It doesn’t take long for listeners to be greeted by energetic guitar and dynamic vocals that are performed with utter perfection for the purpose of this song. When listening to this song it is hard to not get carried away by the vocals as they are performed with so much emotion that it is hard to take your attention off of them, even for a second. We spoke with Nasmore about the meaning behind the song and he explained to us that, “‘Say Goodbye’ is a love and relationship song, appealing to anyone what is or was in love and had relationship issues and challenges.” The sheer emotion that pours out during this song is extremely impressive. We here at The Study Lounge love it when an artist can make us feel the story through their presentation of the lyrics.”

“Успешные сочетания разных жанров и постоянное стремление к новым экспериментам. Каждый трек — это возможность сделать максимум. Разделенные жанрами и экспериментами треки связанны уникальной энергией, которую можно приравнять к стилю автора. Ни один трек не пройдет незамеченным, каждый хочет выделиться и выделяется, благодаря мелодичным и запоминающимся мотивам и динамике.”

“While the melody forms the stable foundation for the single, it is the vocals that bring the final addictive edge. Hodges’ vocals are smooth and slick as they slide into your ears with a vaguely soulful touch. This turns into a paced, edgy delivery that brings the aggression of rock to the sound. It is a dynamic vocal performance that flows between different deliveries with such ease. The different tones of the vocals build the fiery flow of the single that brings the challenges of a relationship to life. The cries that come later are equal parts of pain and anger, which are amazing.”

““Let’s Get Freaky” is one of several singles that have been slightly altered. There is a radio version, two music video versions (explicit and slightly edited) for video content creators, an EDM/nightclub mix, and an instrumental version titled “Lollipop” for TikTok/Instagram creators. The song is extremely enjoyable, to the point where you can jam along with it. That, I believe, is the intent. Although the song has an adult theme, the lyrics are not for the faint of heart. To the uninformed, it’s as harmless as a bite from a toothless puppy, but to the correct individuals, it’s something wholesome! lol. It’s almost like a play on words with metaphors squished together. This song is excellent for those times when we need to de-stress and listen to some music. However, Nasmore’s primary goal with this song is to have it used by content creators. In either case, it’s an excellent song that you’ll thoroughly enjoy listening to.”

“Mit seiner neuesten Single greift nasmore auf sein breites Genrespektrum zurück und liefert ein Kleinod welches im Stile des "Alternative Pop with the right touch Rap and Indie Pop" angesiedelt ist. Seine Liebe zum Genre Mixing nicht zu überhören. Als Tribut an Dan Brown's novels - "The Da Vinci Code", "Angels and Demons", "Inferno" gedacht, hält er dabei der Menschheit den Spiegel vor, erzählt von Einflüssen der Religion auf die Gesellschaft aber auch vom Verlust der Kontrolle über die eigene Identität. Die Zusammenarbeit mit RyanMusiq darf als gelungen gefeiert werden, gemeinsam machen sie sich auf den Weg den Geist des Zuhörers aufzurütteln und zum Nachdenken zu bringen, begleitet vom brillanten Beat und den akustischen Vibes im Background. "Mind in a maze" von nasmore und RyanMusiq eine absolut starke Performance zum Auftakt des Jahres.”

“Good Day Noir Family, our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Nasmore. I discovered this Artist while shuffling songs on Spotify and I liked his way of composing music. The direct and sincere sound of this artist immediately fascinated me. I was struck by the voice that in some passages reminded me of George Michael, especially in the high tones. A modern compositional method that however takes its cue from the past creating a perfect balance, a limbic musical universe. The chord progression is never predictable and banal and manages to entertain the listener from the first to the last second with interesting melodic intuitions and rhythm changes. The production is good and in particular, the mix that leaves the right space for each sound element and the song breathes well. A nice discovery that I recommend to everyone. Mind in a Maze is Nasmore’s Single Out Now!”

“Multiple layers of rhythm patterns and percussions make up the majority of the arrangement. The percussions sound big, and they provide the song the needed vigour to keep the sonic design’s momentum consistent. The synth plucks fill the room and are perfectly synced with the rhythm pattern. The vocal melody, when combined with the groove, intensifies the pulse and sounds fantastic rhythmically. The distorted guitar also comes in at times when the song’s atmosphere is heightened, and it works well to break up the monotony. The songwriting, in my opinion, quickly communicates the track’s intention. The song’s vibe is something that will keep you hooked till the very last second.”

“Musically speaking, “Let's Get Freaky” is a dancing Pop Music with an incredible astral, where I can hear Caribbean elements and a strong influence from the master Michael Jackson, mainly in the vocal lines. The arrangements are beautiful, and they can make any listener tap their feet as soon as they start. The production is excellent, and combined with the talent of nasmore, they form a perfect marriage. No wonder, several specialized press vehicles gave very positive reviews to the single. Because of this vibe, it's that category of music you'll either love or hate. There's no middle ground. And this Radio Edit version has everything to take the song to even greater heights.”

“The tireless Canadian musician Nasmore , who was quite productive in 2021, couldn't have closed the year differently. Behold, on the last day (31/12) he released the single “Mind In A Maze”, demonstrating that the musician is a well of creativity. The track is one of those works that can grab the listener right away. In just over four minutes, we have a very pleasant Pop Rock to listen to, with excellent and inspired vocal lines that combined with Nasmore's beautiful interpretation, beautiful arrangements and impeccable production make "Mind In A Maze" a work worthy of attention. from any and all fans of good music. The single also features the participation of musician RyanMusiq, who gave even more spice to what was already good. Lyrically, we have a reflection on how depression can affect us, as well as our fear of losing our self-control. Without a doubt, it is a very powerful song in that lyrical sense, and it should reach as many people as possible”

“O Portal Famosos Brasil traz para vocês mais um artista para ficarmos de olho e claro, expandir cada vez mais nossa playlist de artistas favoritos. Nossa aposta do momento é o artista canadense nasmore. O artista assim como muitos outros está apostando fortemente no cenário musical. Tem uma identidade forte e poderosa, e todo esse investimento fez com que a gente se interessasse pelo seu lançamento. Seu novo lançamento, “Lets Get Freaky”, em parceria com Cris Hodges, já é uma de nossas faixas favoritas, e já está disponível em todas as plataformas digitais. Não esqueça de seguir o artista nas redes sociais para ficar por dentro das novidades.”

“For those who are looking for a pop sound of respect to put on their playlist, then, the request is the new sound of nasmore called “Say Goodbye”. That right away shows what it came for and manages to win over the listener in the first seconds of the song. It is impossible not to get carried away, as it has a pleasant and engaging rhythm that makes us embark on an incredible journey. It's a very well produced, articulated song that has the ability to bring us into a very peculiar sound environment.”

“Canadian artist nasmore began actively releasing his singles in 2021 and since then he has been successful on streaming platforms as an interesting artist. His songs are melodic and musically beautiful. We especially liked the song 'Say Goodbye'. This song has everything to please a music lovers. The grace and elegance of this track is undeniable and it reveals the talent of nasmore as a singer-songwriter. His vocals have depth and brightness and the sad and romantic mood of the song perfectly saturates the content of the composition. Elements of pop and rap music intersect with a classic ballad arrangement that together create an unsurpassed image of the hero of the song. The song 'Say Goodbye' has a harmonious structure of all its parts that will not leave anyone indifferent.”

“Para fãs do som romântico do pop, o cantor canadense nasmore apresenta uma canção apaixonante em “Say Goodbye“, um verdadeiro love sound que passeia entre elementos e baladas nostálgicas para criar um som intenso e sedutor. O instrumental se envolve com os vocais do artista, que brilham na canção. Menção honrosa para o solo de guitarra!”