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“I recorded and mastered the album with producer Matty Trump. He produced Sam Adam's debut album, Boston Boy. Overall, the album is visceral and raw. I think it captures some of the pain, loss, anger, frustration and hope I was feeling at the time.”

"She played the Showcase once before -- both times we've enjoyed her heart-felt lyrics and warm, fluid vocal style".

“I was both excited and amazed to hear my songs getting airplay. I nearly fell off my chair. It's the most accomplished feeling in the world! ”

“Her catchy songs are a combination of pop and rock, with a little bit of soul. “I usually write about what I feel, what I see, and sometimes what I would want to change,” Nadia said.”

"I just found out my half-brother's sister and her 9 month old child was killed in the earthquake in Port-Au-Prince," says singer Nadia Salomon, bringing a very personal reaction to the devastation in Haiti.

“Nadia, the showcase founder, follows with pop, soul, and rock.”

"Nadia, had a hard time getting off stage, because audiences demanded repeated encores.”

“Nadia Featured In The Boston Globe”

“While working at television stations across the country, Nadia Salomon spent years reporting on other peoples' trials and tribulations. Now a singer-songwriter trying to make her mark in the local music scene, she's telling her own stories through song.”