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“Coming off South by Southwest with a new album in their pocket, Musketeer Gripweed is ready for everything and nothing all at once”

“Two tracks on the album feature Luther Dickinson, the lead singer of the North Mississippi All Starts and lead guitarist for The Black Crowes, on guitar and vocals. A friend of the band, Dickinson actually recorded his tracks for the album in a single 4 a.m. session after a late show at the Aggie Theater.”

“The album’s seven tracks range in both musical intensity and lyrical theme, but present everything fans hope for and love about Musketeer Gripweed’s music. The sounds range from distorted swampy blues to sunny guitar riffs reminiscent of the Allman Brothers Band.”

“Onstage with the other members of Gripweed, however, Downing exudes an entirely different kind of energy. Dressed in pioneer garb, he dons the persona of a manic, harmonica-clutching preacher who might just as well have crawled straight out of the pages of Flannery O’Connor. He jumps, stomps and twirls around the stage, and it’s not unusual to see him leading the audience in song or shouting about the need for a new American revival.”

“This is the surprise debut hit record of the year….”

“We might call this revivalist-rock. Hard working band with a highly energized gospel rock blues vibe that is beginning to gain significant cred around the state. This is the surprise debut hit record of the year…. between the mad crazy loyal fans and the increasing airplay statewide, expect this one to stick around a while.”

“Musketeer Gripweed is an entire package that needs to be digested loudly in the car while driving fast, and then all over again live in concert.”

“This really might be the album of the year. ”

“Recorded, mixed and mastered at Backbone Studios in Loveland, the band self-produced the album, which they then packaged with some of the best band photos I’ve seen in years. Capitalizing on Downing’s over-the-top psychedelic preacher looks, the band follows their great songs with perfect imagery (like the above shot of Downing, flanked by his stoic bandmates, pointing and preaching with Bible and snakes in hand). Musketeer Gripweed is an entire package that needs to be digested loudly in the car while driving fast, and then all over again live in concert.”

“What’s their deal?: I still can’t believe their new album isn’t a new Black Crowes CD. Musketeer Gripweed has the same sound, the same swagger and the same delivery as the Crowes and that makes Dyin’ Day instantly recognizable and familiar. But what makes the album so good is that it’s not a copy. Somehow, while paying solid homage to the Crowes and other bands like them, Musketeer Gripweed has found their own voice. And it’s a powerful one, indeed. The album’s title track features the Black Swan Singers, and the depth and revival sound that they bring to the track is insurmountable. The band has some phenomenal chops, which shine through at their brightest during the breakdown of “Dyin’ Day,” which among other elements captures Ehren Crumpler’s axe work at its best. ”

“The music is usually bursting at the seams with novel ideas and vibrant instrumentation. Impressively, it does so while still relating to, if not further developing, the album’s concept: The intro track “Black Swans Siren Song” sets the stage using a slave chant vocal and a lone blues riff, while “River Callin’” employs a gospel-tinged chorus and a harmonica solo to give the backwater exile narrative its proper O Brother Where Art Thou? overtones. The final word must go to frontman Jason Downing, whose vocal performance is nothing short of incredible. The nasally twang of his voice fits in perfectly, and his lyrics masterfully create the harsh, dreary reality of everyday life on Parchment Farm.”

“In Dyin’ Day, you have an album that not only embraces its Southern Rock clichés, but does so with such commitment and enthusiasm that it actually makes them work. More importantly, Musketeer Gripweed’s talent for extracting the best parts of the genre and keeping everything interesting is certainly unique. Dyin’ Day is a concept album set in Jim Crow-era Mississippi and centered around a fictional patch of land named “Parchment Farm;” a sort of prison/plantation hybrid. It’s not a nice place, and our story’s narrator is thrown inside for a murder that he feels was just. What happens after is a vaguely-connected series of meditations and anecdotes and, well, suffice it to say that the band really fleshes out the environment. This really might be the album of the year. ”

“Musketeer Gripweed Dyin' Day Self-released A A A Comments (4) By Dave Herrera Tuesday, Nov 9 201o All the pieces are here for this band to be the next Fillmore-filler birthed from the jam-friendly loins of the Centennial State. While the act's sound is clearly organic, a natural byproduct of its members' influences — Robert Johnson, Sonny Boy Williamson, Allman Brothers, Otis Redding, and Black Crowes, according to MySpace — the group could very well have genetically engineered its grooves in a lab for optimum (and maximum) Front Range appeal. Falling somewhere between the edgier side of String Cheese and the proggier side of Umphrey's McGee, the Musketeers have crafted a lean, seven-song effort brimming with soul-drenched vocals, chorale-worthy gospel harmonies, rumbling, funktastic bass lines, searing Southern-rock fretwork and prodigious harp playing that would give John Popper pause. ”

“ “Gripweed is rambling, rolling, grooving, good times music. Their songs roll like the hills of the Midwest. They groove & climb like the Rocky Mountains where they are created, and they ramble like Ole Miss herself. In a word Gripweed’s music is America in all it’s wild glory. Underneath the depression in these hard times, underneath the bullet fast lifestyles we live today there is still an America that is real and free, that is calling us all back to live more simply and to care enough to bring others along with us on that journey. It’s time for a REVIVAL and Musketeer Gripweed will make you TESTIFY!” Jon Jordan-NADY Press ”

Jon Jordan - Nady Press

“-Musketeer Gripweed has found something old timey, gut bustin', and uniquie to Colorado sound! Get on this ENERGY REVIVAL TRAIN!-”

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