Musique Noire / Press

"The instrumentation may seem a bit unusual, but the clever arrangements bring it all together in an exciting and tuneful fashion. Some of the string quartet/crossover albums have not quite gotten it in the groove, but Musique Noir (sic) is swinging."

“On behalf of the Performing Arts Committee I express our gratitude to Musique Noire for an absolutely exceptional afternoon of music. The outstanding musicianship of each and every one of you was a privilege to experience and it was a pleasure to have you as part of our 2009-2010 performance series. ”

“They may call it "Good Hair," but the 10 tracks on this CD add up to what I call "excellent album." Musique Noire is a classy group that can move in any musical direction with ease and grace. ”

“What a wonderful sound your band has! How accepting the audience was in hearing new instrumentation and Jazz. Thanks so much for participating in our 28th Annual Flint Jazz Festival. We greatly appreciated you and your band coming and gracing us with your sound.”

Cathy Johnson, Program Director - 28th Annual Flint Jazz Festival - 2009

"A very cool little project. . and one with a pretty funky feel at times too! . . .a variety of settings that almost recall some of the instrumental revolutions of the 80s -- kind of a space between Kronos Quartet and some of the more creative combos of the New York scene."

“. . .Musique Noire covers many miles of musical territory--from Latin to Moroccan, from funk to The Beatles. The group's debut disc, "Good Hair" dishes up diverse dialects all spoken through the language of jazz.”

"Good Hair" is gorgeous! The music is fresh, melodic, soulful, full of life with a bit of an edge. Congratulations.

"...the debut release of Musique Noire's - "Good Hair" is musical food for the soul."

"Heretic": Awesome bass line. Slapping is very funky. Strings were a surprise, but I LOVED them. Very original and innovative. The percussion was awesome as well.

"Heretic": Jean-Luc-fonky!!

"Heretic": Folk-funk! High marks for originality; it's a breath of fresh air compared to most of the stuff here on Garage Band. Good overall production.....I like it...keep up the good work.

"Heretic": A fine example of how to take funk, a genre very prone to being derivative, somewhere satisfyingly left field.