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"...Loosely a theme album, Michi explores the dynamics, ups and downs of a first-love relationship that never reached its full potential over the disc’s 13 tracks. With her uniquely dynamic singing style, she shares her feelings, observations, celebrations and defeats over a colorful musical backdrop that blends flavors of rock, pop, R&B, folk and country...Through the songs, Michi weaves a cohesive theme of innocence, love and love lost; with her voice evoking the appropriate emotions of glee, hope, worry, despair and anger. The arrangements support the songs and their moods, giving appropriate excitement and tranquility where needed. Castles in the Air shows Michi moving forward with her artistry, as her gift of songcraft enables her to weave a collective story, share happiness and sorrow, and practice a little self-therapy. "

"Artists like Michiko Egger are rare. Perhaps once in a long while- a decade, a generation, something like that....Her album, “Where Your Heart is” proposes a question, but after a few tours with this album, you know that query is directed right at you. Egger leaves her heart on her guitar strings in what could be one of the best albums to come from an independent artist in years...."

"...A small town girl with big dreams, “Michi” isn’t your typical 18 year-old...... Whereas many people nowadays get their 15 minutes of fame from televised talent competitions, Egger works her own way through perseverance. No “American Idol” wanted. No “X-Factor” or “The Voice” needed..."

“The Japanese word michiko is best defined in English as a combination of both beauty and intelligence, the perfect description for Michiko "Michi" Egger's music.”

“As a singer/songwriter, Michi savvy for her age; her vocal and lyrical contributions to “Shivers” are great, but she also knows when to take a step back from the mic and let the music do the work.”

“'Michi's "Where Your Heart Is" features songs that could easily blend right in with the Top 40 music of today...Writing, singing and young, Michi is a triple threat, "Pop Star" is written all over Michi."”

“'...John Mayer meets Stevie Nicks, Michi’s unique voice and stellar guitar work make her an interesting up and coming artist... '”

"...Michi defines herself in the power behind her words, heartfelt and full of crystal clear imagery that pulls the listener in and keeps them captivated through every rushing chorus until the final chord is played..."

"The first release off the young songstress’ debut album titled “Mulberry Breakdown” is a heartbreakingly buoyant track showcasing Michi’s penchant hook driven melodies that fit seamlessly with her unique vocal tone. “Mulberry Breakdown” is a perfect example of the many talents Michi has to offer, and sure to make her a favorite upon the first listen."

“MH: You've been compared to the likes of John Mayer and Regina Spektor. Are you influenced by writers like these? M: Oh my gosh, yes! John Mayer is one of my biggest influences. Not just his songwriting, but since all of my music is really guitar based, and he’s an incredible guitar player, I just kind of hope to be considered the female John Mayer!”

“SCB:"How did you go about writing your material? Do you have a particular method or process?" M: "I don’t have a set method for writing a song. Sometimes, I’ll come up with a chord progression first, then go from there. Other times, I get lyric ideas. I’m always jotting things down in one of my many notebooks, or, if I’m out and about, I’ll record things on my phone. I sort of piece together the fragments like a puzzle. Then there are times when a song comes to me out of nowhere, the melody and lyrics all at once and, bam, it’s all there. Either way, I can’t sit down and tell myself, “I’m going to write a song.” It has to come to me on it’s own."”

"Michiko Egger is an exceptionally talented songwriter. Her songs speak of love, heart-break, friends and relationships that you would think that she’s lived a lifetime of experiences. So you’ll be surprised when I tell you she’s only 18. Her songwriting and guitar style can be compared to an early John Mayer. Her vocals are so sweet and filled with yearning that I immediately was taken back to an early time in my life. The resonance in her voice reminds me of a young Harriet Wheeler from The Sundays that I caught myself reminiscing of early days when my wife and I were first married and on our own. Michi, I thank you for that trip down memory lane..."

"Her voice is bright and delicate, radiating overall happiness as it gently lifts and soars; exuding a youthful innocence and charm along the way....'Where Your Heart Is' should open plenty of ears and minds to the rising talent that is Michi; this is a warm album that welcomes listeners into her world, and shares the joys and wonders of that world."

"....Michi Egger is our area phenon.....Showing age and wisdom and a great technical guitar style,Michi will go far in our music business...She will be missed when she goes away and I hope she returns to our area to make music her life."

"She had been playing in a punk band she started with a friend when she went to the Sunday jazz workshop at the Bullfrog Brewery in Williamsport. “It was completely different,” she remembered. “I never heard anything like that before.” It was like a light suddenly came on for her. She discovered the fun of improvisation, which came easily to her because of her varied instrumental background. She understood how to follow a melodic line from her piano training, and she knew the importance of rhythm from drumming."

"JACKIE SZYMANSKI: As a musician, what are you all about? MICHIKO EGGER: I'm all about originality and modesty. I have to be myself. I take in all the musical experiences I've had, all the knowledge I've gained from others and mix it with my personality, and there you have it - you have me. At the same time, I love admiring the music of others, seeing them grow as musicians and people, and discovering what they're all about."