Muenster / Press

"[Muenster is basing his "Warped Tape" on experience he's gained from being on the Vans Warped Tour. He's also bounced around through several different rap groups developing his style, but for the present time Muenster is saying no to the mozzarella and cheddar. "Quack" is a good place to start. Production by CloakBeats and scratching by DJ Centrifik fit the aspiring emcee well - I'm loving the lyrical samples of Common and Redman and the overall dark and gothic sound of Muenster's musical backdrop. The track literally rings bells. Muenster's "less is more" formula allows him to build on his strengths. It's the right amount of time to get into his style before you're left trying too hard to discern how deep he really gets. There are unexpected moments of greatness here and there - "Close to Prime" sounds like a musical parody of Nas' "Hero," the light airy breeze of "Bridge the Balance" matches boom bap with a peaceful summer day. He's obviously got some skills]"

“The Denton newcomer drops us off a dope joint from UGHH.com's upcoming mixtape that is being put together with producer Alien9. Shout out to all my UGHH heads. Cuts by DJ Aquanot.”

“The homie Muenster just dropped this new jam titled No New Way’s New. Get your mind right for the day with this one. Props to the kutmaster. Produced by Alien 9; Cuts by DJ Aquanot. #skratchlife Read more at http://bunksperience.com/no-new-ways-new-by-muenster/#s5v2Z2bIC6SgyGUj.99”

“Muenster is actually one of the few artists (on the line up) I’ve seen before, but as I told him earlier in the night I was a little apprehensive to review his set. I’ve seen him wreck the stage with Guillotine at Qwazaar’s last Dallas show and I wasn’t sure that he’d be able to match that energy level. Thankfully Munster didn’t disappoint, he brought some extra lyrical spice to the night and blended it just right. Unfortunately, I think his poetic genius and tongue twisting speed left the audience a little stunned. They didn’t quite know how to react, but the other rappers seemed to be completely enthralled which leads me to believe Munster is a rappers rapper. His mind numbing style is like a game of chess; leaving those familiar with the contest blown away and the ignorant bystanders left wondering what just happened.”

“Epicenter is a cosmic journey through space time. Future synths combine with golden era breaks to encompass this boom bap rich and bass heavy album. Witty but thought provoking lyrics ride the beats, taking the listener on a journey beyond the physical realm, while keeping the head knocking from start to finish.”