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"MuckRaker/Karmageddon/Eternal Sound/Membran/Code 7/2016 CD Re-Issue Review2014 Full Length..." ..."MuckRaker plays a musical style that takes southern metal and stoner rock and mixes them together to create a musical style they call 'blue collar metal', the production sounds very professional for being a self released recording while the lyrics cover real life themes. In my opinion MuckRaker are a very great sounding mixture of stoner rock and blue collar metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Karmegeddon" "All Hail Mary" "Warlord" and "Too Much Metal For One Hand". 8 out of 10."

“*INTERVIEW* MuckRaker’s Karmageddon saw a European release at the end of January and anyone with a penchant for filthy, riffed-up, beered-up, heavy metal stompers will know it contained the finest set of massive tunes this side of the last Clutch album! So, what better time to throw some questions of biblical proportions their way….. 1. So….what are MuckRaker up to then? Will Price (Bassist and Lead Voice for MuckRaker) – “Been doing some short tours. Also writing our next album. We have also been holding regular staff meetings that I like to call “Magazine Interview Questions: Do’s And Don’ts”. 2. Which album/artist/gig/experience made you first realise you ‘worshipped’ heavy metal? “For metal, I would have to say Black Sabbath’s Master Of Reality. I also grew up on a lot of Rush, Lynyrd Skynyrd and AC/DC. When I was 10 I saw Kenny Rodgers but that turned me into a gambleholic…so I entered a 3 minute long rehab which cost me 10’s of bit coins.” 3. Name ”

“*INTERVIEW* Review Fix: How did the band get together? Will Price: I formed MuckRaker six years ago after leaving upstate New York, and my band BOILER (Mayhem Records), and moving to Atlanta, Georgia. Got tired of not playing music, plus I wanted to write about politics and get free beer and pizza at the clubs again. Review Fix: What’s your creative process like? Price: Typically I come up with a riff or a song title or a lyric and write a song from there. I am really into the English language and using words that are not typically used in metal. The words have a tendency to make ammosexuals look at me with a supercilious gaze before they skedaddle to the vomitorium. Review Fix: What’s the inspiration behind Warlord? How was it written? Price: Global climate change and the war on the intellectual study of the science behind it…and Slayer. Review Fix: What are your goals for 2016? Price: Touring and writing the next MuckRaker full length. Plus I just got a vasectomy, so there’s ”

“*INTERVIEW* Will from MuckRaker: The band has been around for six years or so with various lineup changes. I was formerly in a band called BOILER which was signed to Mayhem Records (a subsidiary of Atlantic Records). Atlantic dropped Mayhem's funding and the label folded. Eventually, I decided to relocate to Atlanta. It wasn't my intention to form a band here, but I missed metal too much. 2: You define your music as blue collar stoner metal. I suppose it is referring to middle class, but I would like to understand better what is difference between common and blue collar stoner? Any unique idea behind this? W: I write about historical and current events. Yes, it is about the middle class. But it is also about the working poor. The oligarchy has taken over in America. The media is owned by the corporations, as is virtually everything else in American life. I fight that. There are too many people who buy into the idea that nothing can be done to effect change...”

“Finally receiving a European release, MuckRaker’s blue-collar metal is an immediate attention grabber with massive balls, massive tunes and a welcome sense of humour that results in 10 of the filthiest, riffed-up, beered-up, heavy metal stompers this side of the last Clutch album. In fact, Karmageddon warrants ample Clutch comparisons and while licking the dick of Neil Fallon and the rest of the Clutch crew is all well and good, if you’re going to try and take on the big boys you’d better deliver! Well, call us smart alec’s but MuckRaker must have been guzzling gallons of Clutch’s creative juices as this is without a doubt a Southern metal maelstrom of the highest order.”Red Vulture” brings fuzz and gravel to the party, all distorted riffing, sledgehammer grooves and asphalt vocals while “Rusticus (The Alarm Part 2)” borders on jaunty; shit-kickin’ party anthems one and all! Some albums are born to be played over and over again, never tiring, never becoming overly”

“'Blue Collar Metal', I heard the term before but I can't exactly remember when or where. I also don't really understood the term. A quick internet search showed me that it has something to do with the average working man, mainly in the industrial business. Perhaps that makes sense, this is indeed pretty direct heavy rock music, devoid of fringes and tassels. So raise your first, bang your head and march on with Muckraker. The band hails from Atlanta, USA, and was formed in 2010 by Boiler member Will Price. His goal was to create strong rock and metal, without bullshit. Several line-up changes later, the band was ready to release this album (2014 - USA, 2016 - Europe). Currently, they're gearing up for big things, hopefully a world tour in promotion of this gem. Yes, that's exactly what this is, a dirty, gritty, in-your-face-kicking gem. The music on this album reminds me of other no-bullshit bands, including Clutch, Prong and Helmet.”

“Rating: 4/5 Location: Atlanta, USA Label: Eternal Sound Records Website With a band name like MuckRaker and an album called Karmageddon, I expected some backwater, hillbilly, redneck bullshit. Although a quick search found that “muckraker” is slang for investigative journalism, the way the band placed their capitals suggests this may be a coincidence. Regardless, I will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that their name may have a greater meaning beyond dirt scooping (Hahaaa!). Karmageddon made me think of the race car apocalypse, or basically an album inspired by Mad Max. The band proved me wrong right from the get-go as the title track actually deals with the concept of karma. With all my expectations shattered, I was lost and confused with no idea as to what the future may hold. As I delved further into the depths of the album, I came to a stunning conclusion: MuckRaker are a solid stoner act.”

“Muckraker is a band that sounds like they really don’t give a shit what anyone thinks and they’re just here for one thing, and that thing is to create metal that is packed to the gills with infectious riffs. Muckraker is described as blue collar metal and that is exactly what it is. Karmageddon is buzzing, filthy, grimy and gritty and packs a bloody knuckled punch. The ten songs on Karmageddon is completely memorable and is an experience that is raw, rich and unfiltered. Muckraker is straight to the point and doesn’t beat around the bush as it takes them no time at all to get the the meat. There’s no gristle and fat that you have to saw off with your steak knife as the entire album is one slab of juicy metal. It bleeds, oozes and pulses with metal and the hard rocking doesn’t stop until you just can’t move anymore. Stopping moving is the difficult part while listening to Karmageddon as each song is just as infectious as the last. Muckraker sinks their claws deep into...”

"If the powerful lyrics or the dancing wasn’t enough, every single song here requires you to join in the shouting of the chorus, whether it’s “ALL HAIL MARRYYYY!” (‘All Hail Mary’), “RED VULTUURRREEEE!” (‘Red Vulture’), or the record highlight of “RISE UP ALL YOU LOGGERHEADS, GO AND CRASH THE PARTAYYYY!” (‘Rise Of The Loggerheads’). If you wanted to really strip MuckRaker down to its barest of bones, you would have to say that they are full of just great songs, and that’s basically the essence of why we’re all here. Closing track ‘Too Much Metal For One Hand’ perfectly sums this up, a song about spending their lives listening to their favourite music, pissing off people, drinking, hitting the road, and loving every heartfelt moment of it. Karmageddon is an exceptional record which should propel MuckRaker from their underground status, to serious contenders in the mainstream metal market. It’s an album to unite metal-heads, share a beer, and part

“PITRIFF RATING - 87/100 - There are bands out there that make "metal", and really don't fall into any of the sub-categories too easily. MuckRaker is one of them. I'll classify them as "stoner metal" only because of the heavy Sabbath-like guitar tone, but ultimately you won't be reminded of "Into The Void" or "Paranoid" by listening. In fact, you really won't hear any dominant sub-genre reach out and claim this band. That said, KARMAGEDDON is strong on it's own merits. This is definitely worth picking up.”

“Read Will's interview with Louder Than Hell.”

“MuckRaker is now on Rockers Dive Radio \m/-”

“The 365 Radio Network has added MuckRaker to it's play list!!!!”

“MuckRaker is now on The Black Rose Metal Show \m/-”

“MuckRaker is proud to announce that we have been added to Rock Underground TV \m/-”

“KingMaker from MuckRaker is now in regular rotation on ROCK-101”

“PITRIFF RATING - 91/100 - MuckRaker may be an unsigned, independent band, but their sound is huge and as good or better than the bulk of Southern Lord bands that come across my desk...I'm a fan of the no bullshit punch in the face the music provides. In short, I'm jumping on the BIG BLACK BUS.”

“MuckRaker is proud to announce that "We Are The Majority", a track from MuckRaker's upcoming full length album, "Big Black Bus", will be added in regular rotation to a daily Pod Cast upon completion. Sam Seder, the host of The Majority Report, says of the song, "I love it!" This balls out political talk show can be found here http://majority.fm ”