Muchos Backflips! / Press

“Scan your ticket and climb aboard this wild ride channeling Edgard Varèse by way of Frank Zappa and Mike Patton. Muchos Backflips! specializes in mostly instrumental avant-rock incensed with cinematic jazz-creep horns skittering though Herb Alpert-like bullfights, Ennio Morricone spaghetti Westerns, and Tom Scott cop shows.”

“Experimental and completely off-the-wall, Winston Barrett’s Muchos Backflips! mix up hardcore, metal, epic soundtracks, mariachi brass, unstructured jazz flip-outs and previously untested jerk-rhythms, sometimes all within the same song.”

“If you like a little metal in your spy jazz, then this may be the band for you.”

“Local favorites MB brought a crazy performance to Emo’s stage in their full suits, silly faces, brass section, and energetic sound. Fusing hard rock and jazz in an experimental light, they were a lot of fun.”

“Next time Muchos Backflips! comes into your town, be sure to get your ticket. This instru-metal (damn, that's good) band is sure to satisfy fans of anything from Pantera, to John Coltrane, to Al Green.”

“Hats off to the talented musical explorers of our town who are not content to let their rock merely roll.”

“Calling them experimental is really only the tip of the iceberg, because Muchos Backflips! won’t provide you with a standard track.”

“I never thought I would be so intrigued yet so confused about music until now.”

“They create sonic wonders much like childhood fables: fantastic, thrilling, and a bit scary all at the same time.”

“'Experimental' scarcely serves to do justice to Muchos Backflips, who never met a genre they couldn't integrate into their expansive, impossible-to-categorize sound.”

“This is a band you want to see live for true musical performance art.”