“A woman with a megawatt smile stands before a living room full of American Indian/Alaska Native tweens and teens. J Ross Parrelli, an educator, Hip Hop artist with Universal Records, and co-founder of Beats Lyrics Leaders, emanates the kind of confidence that is infectious.”

“Soulful singer, accomplished songwriter and internationally known musician J. Ross Parrelli is scheduled to emcee the 2012 Vans Warped National Tour which kicks off on June 16, 2012 and concludes on August 5, 2012.”

“As you know we have been a independent Hip-Hop Stage on Vans Warped Tour for over a decade now Thanks to Kevin Lyman and the love we all have for Independent Hip Hop as a Culture across America and the world as a whole. We are Proud to announce Some of the Line up again out this summer with the BringItBackTour http://bringitbacktour.com/”

““I don’t meet a lot of female rappers,” DJ Lex Level said. “I meet singers, just straight singers, not rappers. To meet somebody who raps and sings is kind of rare.” ”

“Hip Hop Christmas with J Ross Parrelli promotes voices of youth and hope”

“I always felt that pigeon-holing myself in a genre was something I could never do- I started as a jazz singer, ended up singing back up for some amazing reggae artist, flipped lyrics after being a competitor in Slam Poetry and now I’ve even tampered with the idea of Rock- which I actually thoroughly enjoy. So for me I would make up my own genre and call it “FRESH””

“J Ross Parrelli holds down a marvelous amount of talent and diversity in the brief two minutes of “For Your Love”, with soulful serenades and a poignant flow that rivals many of the best”

“There was really no defining it. With elements of reggae, soul and hip-hop Parrelli and her band have created something original, and I love when artists can still do that in 2010, and do it with instruments rather than a computer. ”

“J Ross Parrelli, a California native, is making a name for herself on this side of the country, winning first place in the January edition of the monthly Elegant Hoodness Musical Program, calling attention to her independent release, Lov’n Mak’n Music. ”

“Elegant Hoodness presents J ROSS PARRELLI, first place winner of N.A.N. Emcee/artist competition”

“The first single to be released entitled "Hey there Sista" exemplifies MS PARRELLI's charisma on the mic, but to really get a taste of J ROSS-PARRELLI you have to witness her live performance”

“This Week Recording Artist J. Ross Parrelli on Swoop’s World Radio”

“INDIAN TEENS USE RAP TO BARE TRIBAL PROBLEMS Fusion artist J Ross Parrelli sets the stage”

"1st place winner of New York emcee competition- Come strong or stay at home"

"Hele Ma" Tour with Barikuda, J. Ross-Parrelli and Ms. Mighty Junebug

“A chocolate delicacy, with a smooth flow and rich lyrics, J ROSS PARRELLI melts in your mouth.”