MrSuperUltimate / Press

“Great fun to listen to, very entertaining”

Ralph Hopper - Reverbnation.com

“Doing music for video games is a noble goal. Best of luck! :D”

“Hey Mr. SU. Great sound you have, really enjoy! Would be nice to work with you someday. Best wishes!”

STEPHEN BRAD - Reverbnation artist

“Wow! Such compliments deserve a tweet back! Thank you!”

“Thank you for your message and it's really great to be a part of your life! Music connects people worlwide and it's just amazing. LOVE YOUR MUSIC! KEEP IT UP”

Nelson - MrSuperUltimate fan!

“Great stuff here! Much success...”

Jeremiah's Place in Time - Reverbnation artist

“Much respect for your great work. Give you with pleasure my support. You have a new fan.”

JMOYA - Reverbnation artist

“nice to hear something so unique on RN -this was a total pleasure! all the best to you :D”

the vespertide bloom - Reverbnation artist

“You got my #Support homie. Keep grindin. K.KERR!!!!”

"This is really cool! I could totally hear this on a Final Fantasy video game! "