Mr. SOS / Press

“Here to separate the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the chaff, the true fans from the lames..”

“Mr. SOS is on a political mission to shout out all things old-school, heady and true when it comes to hip-hop culture. So listen and learn.”

“The South has a weird rep in rap. While most of it is diamond encrusted and gold plated music, deep in the belly of below the Mason-Dixon lies a bevy of real lyricists waiting to emerge. Artists like Andre3000 and Big Boi (as Outkast and individually) set the tone early on, while folks like Big K.R.I.T. continue that progression. Along that line comes Mr. SOS, a new to you emcee with a history longer than your favorite rapper's.”

“Highly recommended for fans of progressive hip-hop that is not pretentious or too inaccessible.”

“This shit is poppin'! It's also sellin' like digital hotcakes - (The) "808 Track" is number five on the iTunes electronic chart.”

“Reloaded and renewed with the addition of wordsmith Mr. SOS, they (CunninLynguists) reach for greater heights with their second LP, Southernunderground.”

"The shits that SOS takes on your favorite MC actually makes them a better rapper."