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"Just makes me want to kick over tables and MOSH!" Jessica Kriemes (about Clear Green Marble - Mr. Purps and the Absinthe Minded) Jessica Kriemes - Hot Girl

Jessica Kriemes - live at Frankies Inner City Toledo

““Urgent and exciting, Lost in the Wormwoods (2011) by Mr. Purps and the Absinthe Minded is not for the passive listener. With 7 noisy and racing songs, the album gets blood pumping in a hurry. The Purps, arms its attack with the standard rock arsenal of guitar, bass, and drums. All instruments remain tastefully raw and unpolished while fusing blues and punk influences. The three-piece band from Detroit doesn't shy away from comparisons to classic rockers like Iggy Pop or the MC5. Instead, they grab those influences by the scruff of the neck, increase the beats per minute, and turn up their amps for good measure. ” ”

Kevin Gunder - Metro Times