Bluz / Press

“Boris Rogers, aka Bluz, is a two time Emmy Award-winning poet. Performing some poetry based on your memories of President Barack Obama before he delivers his farewell address tonight in Chicago. Comment with your memories, and Bluz will do some spoken word to represent them.”

“Spoken Word poet Bluz pays tribute to John Wooden, after whom the Wooden Legacy basketball tournament is named.”

“For years, many have pondered the question of whether the page is better than the stage. Boris Rogers, also known as SlamCharlotte’s Slam Master Bluz, thinks that they are both equally important.”

“Yasmin Young talks with a familiar face around our WPEG station Bluz about how he is going from spoken word & poetry into his music element”

“Bluz is the guy you'll see out in the community coaching younger kids from neighborhoods — the ones that a bigoted commissioner calls "moral sewers" — on how to craft the kind of poetry and social commentary that's as powerful and effective coming from a stage as from a printed page. Bluz also is the guy whose SlamCharlotte team won back-to-back top honors in 2007 and 2008 at the National Poetry Slam competitions held those years in Austin, Tex., and Madison, Wis.”