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"'Straight 6', released through SlamBang Records, is Motortrain's debut EP, and offers up no nonsense, southern-tinted rock 'n' roll. Their ethic is a body-slam to the canvas kind of approach, riding on influences such as those dust-stomping legends Supersuckers and Nashville Pussy, mixed with hard rock riffing born in the '70s and living through the '80s."

“It’s not often a critic echoes back everything you were aiming for on an album, but somehow Jon over at the BCFM Sunday Rockshow got exactly what Motortrain was going for with their debut EP “Straight Six“. “The opener Motortrain has a certain Blackfoot vibe to its bar room strut sound – including a Ricky Medlock style lead motif. Then we have Backyard Brawler that has a bit of a Georgia Sats air to it; Bombs Away and Bad Girls are a bit heavier and move into AC/DC territory; Shes Hot is a great heavy sleazy along number that gives over a Black Oak Arkansas feel; whilst closer Goin, Goin, Gone is a high octane stomp that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Rose tattoo record.””

“Heavy Metal Resource gives their take on Motortrain‘s debut EP, Straight Six: Motortrain falls into the Rhino Bucket or Rose Tattoo brand of rock and roll. Blues based dirty sounding rock and roll that just wants to have a good time and not take themselves too seriously.”

“Dangerdog rock review blog took a listen to Motortrain’s debut EP, “Straight Six” and here’s what they had to say: She’s Hot, Bad Girls, and Goin Goin Gone, can have you tapping your toes and smashing beer cans on your forehead. That latter tune is likely the best with it’s strong southern feel.”

“Motortrain gets a straight-shot review of “Straight Six” from the Belgium rock blog Rockport. “…Motortrain keep things very basic so don’t expect huge melodies or massive hooks when spinning this record. What you get is simply, honest, barroom rock ’n roll.””

“Ump from Motortrain joins Shauna O’Donnell of AltRevolt Magazine to discuss their debut EP, “Straight Six“, and their plans for 2012. Shauna: To kick things off, describe what a Motortrain record sounds like. Ump: It sounds like what’s been missing in music in the last 30 years. Pure barroom, sweaty good times. Two-guitar rock and roll music that gets you pumped up, fired up and ready to have a good time. It’s music about a lifestyle. It’s not complicated, it’s just who and what we are… [read more on page 22]”

"Motortrain equals Nasty No Frills Rock N' Roll...Just the way I like it and the way it was meant to be"

Brian Basher - Hard Rock Nights

““Born of a mass of influences that range all across the great southern half of the country, the best way to classify MotorTrain is probably “Red Dirt Rock” although that doesn’t do them justice. They’re gritty and authentic, rough and unapologetic. They offer a style of rock and roll that blends the best of southwestern punk and indie rock with the raw drive of southern rock, and add their own Oklahoma flavor. From first note to last, they’re a hand grenade!” - WC”

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